Your Christmas Or Mine 2 Trailer, Plot, Cast: Asa Butterfield To Cora Kirk

The release date of Your Christmas Or Mine 2 on Amazon Prime Video is quickly approaching, and fans are wondering when they will be able to begin streaming the TV show.

The sequel to the British Christmas comedy Your Christmas or Mine? (2022) is titled your christmas or mine 2 release date. In this clip, Hayley and James have another interesting family Christmas thanks to an unintentional house transfer. Tom Parry wrote it, and Jim O'Hanlon directed it. Find out when the film will be available on Amazon Prime Video by clicking here.

When is the release date of “Your Christmas Or Mine 2” on Amazon Prime Video?

Your Christmas Or Mine 2


Hayley and James' family attempt to ski in the Alps at Christmas in this sequence. However, a miscommunication leads to the two families ending up in each other's cabins on opposite sides of a valley. Kate Heggie and Richard Webb are the producers.

Asa Butterfield as Hubert James Hughes, Cora Kirk as Hayley Taylor, Daniele Mays as Geoff Taylor, Angela Griffin as Kath Taylor, David Bradley as Jack, Natalie Gumede as Kaye Taylor, Alex Jennings as Humphrey Hughes, Jane Krakowski, Rhea Norwood, and others star in Your Christmas Or Mine 2.

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When will Your Christmas or Mine 2 be streaming?

Starting Friday, December 8, 2023, Your Christmas or Mine 2 will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Viewers can now stream.

After falling in love with James and Hayley's story last Christmas, Prime Video delivered us a sequel to Your Christmas or Mine. Asa Butterfield of Sex Education returns to our screens on December 8 alongside Cora Kirk for Your Christmas Or Mine 2.

The first film is about two students in love who want to spend their first Christmas together but realize they don't really know each other or their very different families.

The two families go on vacation in the winter snow in the second film: James's great father and his new girlfriend are amused by the chaos that reigns in Hayley's enormous family and her cheeky younger brothers.

The Christmas holidays appear to be drawing closer to the West, as families discover they have been accidentally relocated and a new figure carries with him James and Hayley's harsh love test.

While the majority of the ensemble returns from the first film, there are a few new faces in Your Christmas Or Mine 2. Here is the complete cast list.

Who is in Your Christmas or Mine 2?

Asa Butterfield as Hubert James Hughes
Cora Kirk as Hayley Taylor
Daniel Mays as Geoff Taylor
Angela Griffin as Kath Taylor
David Bradley as Jack
Natalie Gumede as Kaye Taylor
Alex Jennings as Humphrey Hughes
Jane Krakowski as Diane
Rhea Norwood as Bea

The film follows Asa and Cora as they assist their characters James and Hayley through the changing Christmas season as they spend a mixed winter holiday with the family. 

Your Christmas or My 2 will be available for viewing on Prime Video beginning December 8th, just in time for Netflix's movie marathons to begin. Christmas.

Is there a trailer for Your Christmas or Mine 2?

Prime Video, indeed. We've completed the release of the trailer for Your Christmas or Mine 2, which begins with the group arriving at the airport for their ski trip! Look at the video below...

The plot of your Christmas or mine 2

We meet James (Asa Butterfield) and Hayley (Cora Kirk) as they prepare to spend their second Christmas together in Your Christmas Or Mine 2. Lord Humphrey (Alex Jennings), James' father, has invited the Taylors to spend Christmas at a luxurious ski resort in the Austrian Alps, where they will meet his new American lover, Jane Krakowski. Hayley's father, Geoff (Daniel Mays), insists on caring for his side of the family on the reservation, but after exchanging rides at the airport, the two families wind up living in each other's communities, on different sides of a valley. As usual, pandemonium reigns, and it's up to James and Hayley to keep their relationship from exploding.

Your Christmas Or Mine 2 cast: Asa Butterfield as James

In Your Christmas or Mine 2, Asa Butterfield plays James. He is well recognized for his role as Otis Milburn in the acclaimed television series Sex Education. In addition to Merlin, he appeared in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Hugo, Ender's Game, Choose or Die, and Greed.

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Frequently asked questions

What happens at the end of your or my Christmas?

Everyone determines at the last second that something has to change as they say their goodbyes. and spend Christmas with family. So he ends up at his family's house, and she ends up at hers.'

Where was Your Christmas or Mine filmed?

The film depicts a lot about Hayley's hometown, yet nothing captures the true Cheshire town. The street scenes were shot mostly on the suburbs of London, with the exception of the train station when we see Hayley's father Geoff (Daniel Mays) in an ice cream van full with turkeys, which was shot in Buckinghamshire.

What was the turning point at the end of Last Christmas?

Tom turns out to be a ghost. He was riding his bicycle down the street when he was hit by a truck a year before the events of the film. And his heart is currently in Kate's chest.'

What is the last scene of the Christmas story? Christmas?

The last sequence of "A Christmas Story Christmas" completes the story of the original film, with Ralph sitting in his father's chair and reading aloud the story of his father's love for Christmas, which led to him becoming a Christmas professional. author.

Why doesn't Melinda Dillon appear in Christmas Story 2?

Dillon had planned to play the protagonist in the sequel A Christmas Story Christmas, but she became unwell and was replaced by actress Julie Hagerty. Dillon died in January 2023, at the age of 83, just over two months after the film's release

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