'Silent Night' Review: John Woo lets the guns do the talking in a revenge thriller

In this guide, you are going to watch the silent night 2023 trailer. Just when many viewers may have forgotten Hong Kong's groundbreaking auteur, John Woo returns to North America to make a high-profile comeback.

If John Woo had let the characters in Silent Night talk, audiences would probably laugh at them off-screen. Instead, the director gets down to business and begins with a wordless chase scene in which a sad father (Joel Kinnaman) dressed in a bright Christmas sweater chases two speeding cars. In the vehicles the bandits fire machine guns while our anonymous hero is armed only with his wits and the bell around his neck.

For Por Como this boy, identified in the credits where Brian Godlock meets the gang members who killed his son, "Silent Night" has already proven that Woo isn't about to let logic get in the way. And why should we expect anything different from the director of “Face/Off,” whose title says it all: two rivals switched identities through plastic surgery? The film spends a lot of time watching Brian cry and the dissolution of his marriage (Catalina Sandino Moreno plays the woman who leaves without saying a word), but the death of the child is only the catalyst. The film needs an excuse to attack the angry father.

'Silent Night' Review: John Woo lets the guns do the talking in a revenge thriller

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In the late '80s and early '90s, Woo rewrote the codes almost alone. action cinema. Then “The Matrix” stole his tricks, and Woo's films seemed less impressive than those of his imitators (for all his spectacularity, “Mission: Impossible II” already looked like a parody of a John Woo film). As silly as it may seem, “silent night 2023 trailer” once again gives audiences a reason to support the Hong Kong innovator, establishing itself as one of the few damn Christmas counter-programmers since “Die Hard” that seems worth revisiting to become the future.

“Silent Night” is not a silent film, as the title suggests. Between all these bullets and Marco Beltrami's catchy music, the sound is pretty loud. What Woo's return to American shores actually represents is an expanded attempt at what Alfred Hitchcock called "pure cinema": photography, editing and sound design in place of dialogue to tell the story. Above all, it is a tribute to the French director Jean-Pierre Melville, a court idol who kept conversation to a minimum in his masterpieces "Le Samouraï" and "Le Cercle Rouge".

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Brian wants revenge. In the opening scene, he almost manages to kill most of the gang (one runs into a forklift and gets his head blown off) before suffering the wound that gives him the name “silent night 2023 trailer”: the bandit. From the movie, a tattooed man. The bandit known as Playa (Harold Torres) shoots him in the throat, destroying his vocal cords. A few months pass and Brian's body recovers. But he can't speak or scream. Brian internalizes his anger, and Swedish actor Kinnaman (from "Easy Money") is an excellent avatar for the grieving father who plans his murderous revenge next Christmas.

You don't need a particularly sophisticated script to fill in the gaps. In fact, the genre is so over-the-top that author Robert Archer Lynn can count on audiences to master the basics. In one of the film's first images, a red balloon floats above a downtown neighborhood, suggesting (just as Fritz Lang did years ago when a boy disappeared in "M") that a life has been taken. innocent. div>

The film ignores the police's efforts to find the perpetrators of the crime and simplifies the search for Brian: he enters the police station, recognizes a photo of the man who gave him shot and begins to prepare for revenge. What would an action film be without dialogue and educational editing? The film never shows what Brian does for a living, but one thing's for sure: he's not a deadly professional like John Wick. That means he has to learn to drive and shoot like an action hero, and when he first kidnaps one of Playa's henchmen, the interrogation takes a spectacular turn.

Silent Night ratings in numbers

Silent Night is a film rated "Fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes with positive reviews from 75% of critics. Considering that a film must have at least a 60% review score to be considered
this is a good start for the film as more reviews are expected in the coming days.

The other big review aggregation site, Metacritic, grades things differently and offers different rating levels for movies based on the rating they receive, from 0 to 100. Why "Silent Night" has a Metacritic score of 53, which classifies it as “mixed or average.” The highest rated review on Metacritic received a score of 80 from Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter, while the lowest rated review received a score of 25 from David Ehrlich of IndieWire.

There's nothing there? Will there be dialogue tonight?

LOS ANGELES, November 28 (Reuters) - Director John Woo has chosen not to have any dialogue between the actors in the action film . and with bated breath to present “Silent Night”. ", and focuses on its own unique visual and sound techniques to captivate audiences.

Is Silent Night a silent film?

The title tentatively refers to the opening scene, which takes place on Christmas Eve, and the absence of virtually any dialogue in the film, a courageous decision that pays off.

Who is the killer in Silent Night?

He is Later it turns out that Santa's killer was Ronald Jones Jr., the owner of a chimney cleaning and repair service, survived the flamethrower attack.

Is “Silent Night” based on a true story?

The Austrian priest Joseph Mohr urgently needed music for midnight mass because the organ in his church was broken, so he wrote these lyrics and brought to the church the organist Franz Gruber, who composed a simple melody for guitar accompaniment. But as touching as this story may seem, it's not entirely true.

Is Silent Night worth watching?

There's something about Silent Night that irritates everyone. However, viewers willing to be patient will be rewarded. December 11, 2021 | Rating: 3/5 | Full review. Despite having a cast led by Keira Knightley, the film never achieves enough focus, ending up belying the contradictions and dark message of the story.

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