Top 10 Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix in October Review

All month, Netflix adds films and TV shows to its library. october movie releases 2023 is infamous for being the chilling month on the timetable, and nothing is scarier than the bleak, profit- chasing beasts who run curing firms. Netflix's new shows and films in October nose a brace of tall spot that attack pill dealers, first with the truly scary soap most recently this month, it is the very less scary Pain Hustlers, a sadly go over movie about a plot at a pharma firm that is only being tense as of it super stars, Emily Blunt, and Chris Evans. Also, of note this month is the teen play All Now and the last times of the French suspenser Lupin and the lively playful Big Mouth.

The Return of Tanya Tucker

october movie releases 2023


Started streaming Oct. 1

The country music lead singer Tanya Tucker was still a teenager when she noted her first superhit songs in the early 1970s; and beating the top of the maps at a young age soon led to snags like matter misuse, bad contacts, and stage scare. The director Kathlyn Horan’s said “The Return of Tanya Tucker Featuring Brandi Carlile” uses the copy and matter of a 2019 Tucker reply reader — charged by the radical alt- nation stars Carlile and Shooter Jennings — as the frame for an spare full look at the artist’s loud life. This is a abject movie about an painter trying to find her voice and drive again, helped by two ill-famed marks who rarely fight to move Tucker that they know what they are doing.

All Now Season 1(Oct. 5)

This nervous, British teen comedy- drama tails a young lady who is fresh out of action for an eating sigh and returns to high college looking to make up for lost time by peep things off her pail list. Partying? Check. Breaking the law? Check. Check. Yes, really though she is only wasted out on some months, in teen time, that may as well be ages.

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‘Lupin’ Part 3

Starts flowing Oct. 5

Omar Sy returns as Assane Diop, who has turned his sickness with the rich and vital — and his love of the author Maurice Leblanc’s moral man pincher charm — into a financial career as a wrong organizer. The show’s bendy sly walls between exciting antic orders and scenes that travel Assane’s history as the son of a Senegalese settler. The ex-set of rates ended with the idol act one of his major airs hard profits on his family’s top opposing. The new set begins with Assane on the run and sly his coming moves which are spiky by his getting goods of a public folk idol.

‘Fair Play’

Starts streaming Oct. 6

This edgy business- world drama was a intellect at Sundance before this time, rousing up cult with its story of two cruel youthful wall fund judges Emily and Luke — whose avid secret love affair starts going sour after Emily is helped into a clerical spot at their launch. The pen- director worked main on “Billions” and “Ballers,” two TV run that study how big shot and power blur public links. With “Fair Play,” he also factors in gender places, as the couple is drawing piece meal by the strains of a care that values manly blow. The film has the beat of a suspenser, fixed by the query of whether Emily and Luke’s love and jobs can live her amazing feat.

The Fall of the House of Usher

Starts streaming Oct. 12

The third of the pen- director Mike Flanagan’s learnt fear Mini-series for Netflix uses the short story “The Fall of the House of Usher” as a jumping- off point for a social skit with rude guts. Bruce Greenwood plays Roderick Usher, the primogenitor of a large and fat family that has made vital of its wealth selling risky Medicinals. When all his lush children begin dying, Roderick tells the go to war lawyer.  Flanagan and his pens adopt names and ideas from other Poe books; but they have set their tale and its firms in the radical day.

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Pain Hustlers’

Starts flowing Oct. 27

Emily Blunt and Chris Evans play sure medical salesmen in the drama “Pain Hustlers,” the last in a recent string of flicks and TV series that dig into the roots of America’s opioid limit. The movie is directed by David Yates, who has spent vital of the once 15 times at the helm of the film vote; and it was written by Wells Tower, who has won sun as a writer of short making. These two adjust someone’s true-life book of the same name, turning it into a fast- paced and fact- filled big business leak. It is like the likes of “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Big Short” in the means it uses talkie- style breaks and good-looking anti-heroes to tell the story of how greed and careless ethics played a part in the total over guiding of pain pill.

All coming to Netflix in Oct.

 60 Days in Term 4

 A Beautiful Mind

 American Beauty



 Catch Me If You Can

 Cinderella Man


 Drake & Josh Terms 1- 3



 Forgetting Sarah Marshall


 Hot Tub Time Machine

 Kung Fu Panda

 Love Actually

 Margot at the wedding

 Miss Juneteenth

 Task insolvable

 Task insolvable- Ghost Rule

 charge insolvable II

 charge insolvable III

 My Stylish Friend's marriage

 part Models

 raw Bridegroom

 Saving Private Ryan


 Sex and the City 2

 coitus and the city the Film

 The Journeys of Tintin

 The Amazing Spider- Man

 The Amazing Spider- Man 2

 The establishment

 The House Bunny

 The Little hellions

 War of the Worlds

 Beth Stelling If You Did Not Want Me also


 Keys to the Heart

 Race to the Meeting

 Everything Now


 Lupin Part 3

 A Deadly Meeting


 show Play

 Strong Girl Nam- soon

 After Blippi's Big Dino Quest

 Stranded with my mama- in- Law

 DI4RIES Term 2 Part 1

 Last One Standing Period 2

 It Follows

 Once Upon a Star

 Pact of Silence

 Deliver Us from Evil


 The Conference


 Spy kiddies

 asset kiddies 2 The Island of Lost Ideas

 asset kiddies 3 Game Over

 Camp Bravery

 Oggy Term 3

 The Devil on Test

 Heather McMahan Son I no way Had

 I Woke Up a Vampire

 Silver Linings Playbook

 Kaala Paani

 American Ninja Warrior Parts

 Bebe Finn Part 2


 Blood Dragon Remix

 Crashing Eid

 Crypto Boy

 Ghost Nimrods Part 8- 9


 Big Mouth Term 7


 Disco Inferno


 Elite Term 7


 Kandasamy’s The Baby

 Old Daddies

 Surviving Paradise

 Princess Power Term 2

 The Family Business Terms 1- 4

 Get Gotti


 Absolute newcomers

 Burning treason

 Life on Our Earth

 The Unexplained with William Shatner Term 3

 Pain Hustlers

 Sister Death


 Yellow Door'90s Lo- fi Film Club

 Castaway Diva

 muffed Term 1

 Ralph Barbosa Cowabunga