The Continental Trailer: The 'John Wick' Prequel Show Trailer is here!

John Wick the Continental trailer is the preview to the well-known John Wick series. This teaser's interest increases with Mel Gibson's debut. Imagine a world where the rules for contract killers are still being established. This is the specific vow that "The Continental" promises to keep. John Wick the Continental trailer excites spectators with the massive action scenes.

You will notice thrilling action scenes and get a glance at the Continental Hotel in the trailer. Assassins and hit men frequent this hotel as a particular spot to unwind and conduct business. It's like a private club that is only for them. Simply put, this trailer resembles a movie trailer. It also has some action scenes and actors that we will see in the series.

The Continental Mel Gibson: Mel Gibson, a great actor will join the cast of "The Continental," which will be game-changing for the "John Wick" series. So, fasten your seatbelts as we step into the world of "The Continental" and the action-packed universe of John Wick!

In this article, we will learn about the release date, and the three-episode format of this series. We will also discuss about John Wick the Continental trailer and where we watch it.

What is the release date for the Continental?

the Continental


The continental release date: "The Continental" is set to arrive on Prime Video in the UK in September 2023, even though the exact release date is still pending confirmation. Fans in the UK can mark their calendars and keep an eye out for further announcements as the release date approaches.


The chapter 4 of John Wick delayed for a year. The next part, "The Continental," will come out six months after "Chapter 4." It's shifting from Starz to Peacock, and the release date is September 22, 2023. The series will have three episodes: "Night 1" on September 22, "Night 2" on September 29, and "Night 3" on October 6.

This is a smart move for the John Wick world because if they had a never-ending TV show, it might reveal too much about the cool and secret world of assassins. It could also make things confusing with too many characters and a complicated story. The John Wick movies were successful because they balanced these things right. By making "The Continental" a short series, they can add more to the story.

Read AlsoWhere can I watch the Continental from the World of John Wick?

Where can I watch the Continental from the World of John Wick?

You can watch "The Continental" on the streaming platform Peacock. It's where the show will be available for viewers to watch. Those who are eager to discover the backstory of the iconic Continental Hotel can check out Peacock or Prime Video (for UK viewers).  This series will transport you back in time to a period before the events of the John Wick films.

You'll need a Peacock account to watch "The Continental: From the World of John Wick." There are two subscription plans available: an ad-supported one costs $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year, and an ad-free one costs $11.99 per month or $119.99 per year. You may begin streaming the program and other Peacock material after selecting the package that best matches your needs. It's an easy method to take in the series and John Wick's universe.

Is the Continental in John Wick real?

the Continental in John Wick real


The Continental, as it appears in the John Wick movie series, is a made-up ship made for the movies. In the world of John Wick, it's a covert hotel chain that acts as a safe haven for killers and criminals. Although the idea of a hotel for assassins is an enjoyable aspect of the John Wick plot, it does not actually exist.

The outside part of the Continental Hotel, one of the main draws of the John Wick series, is the flatiron-shaped Beaver Building. It is situated at 1 Wall Street Court in Manhattan's Financial District.

Let's take a quick look at the shooting locations for "John Wick Chapter 4."

  • Jordan's Wadi Rum Desert, a stunning sandstone valley, where Wick heads to Morocco for some serious revenge.
  • Next, we land in Japan, with scenes shot in Osaka and Tokyo, showcasing the vibrant cityscape and iconic landmarks. Paris, the city of romance, offers its picturesque Sacré-Coeur Church and the Eiffel Tower as settings for crucial moments.
  • Last but not least, Berlin, Germany, plays host to some intense indoor and outdoor sequences. So, get ready for an action-packed journey with John Wick in 2023!

How many episodes will The Continental have?

"The Continental," which is another John Wick series, will have a total of three episodes. These three episodes will be quite long, lasting for 90 minutes each. These long episodes will make it feel more like a trilogy of movies rather than a typical TV series. Albert Hughes and Charlotte Brandstrom direct the first and third episodes of “The Continental”. This talented team is sure to bring the John Wick universe to life in a spectacular way. Episodes 1 and 3 of "The Continental" have a lot of action, like exciting fights and stunts. Episode 2 is a bit different; it focuses more on the story, so you'll get to know what's happening in the plot. It's like a mix of action and storytelling to keep things interesting.

The series is set to arrive on Prime Video in the UK in September 2023, with a three-episode format that balances action and storytelling. You can watch it on Peacock, where you'll need an account and can choose from different subscription plans.

(By: Simran Singh)