Modern Mullet Haircut Curly Hair Idea: How To Grow Curly Hair?

We are sure that you must have heard the saying, “Old is Gold”? If you have then we are sure that certain points, you believe it as well. Some of the trends and styles never leave the fashion world. Yes, they take a modern form. But the base or roots remain the same. The same has happened with mullet hairstyle. Be it for men or for women. The mullet has been quite of a trendsetter. And now we call it as a Modern Mullet. Mullet haircuts for curly hair seem to have made a home in fashion world. they are the ever green. The one of many other styles who have not left the hairstyling industry. The classic hairstyle has taken a modern look to inspire the fashion of today. But achieving this look is not as easy as it may sound. It takes lots of hard work and dedication to maintain a mullet haircut curly hair male.

If you are also planning to get the modern mullet. Then stick with to the very end. Dig in the article to find the ways to style your modern mullets.

How To Grow Your Curly Mullet Hair Efficiently?

Modern Mullet Haircut Curly Hair Idea: How To Grow Curly Hair?


As we said, achieving the modern mullet look is not that easy. But with our guide, you can achieve your desired mullet haircuts for curly hair.

The commitment!

Yep, every task needs a commitment. So does the growing of your lovely mullet haircuts for curly hair. It will take time, note that. Do not give up in the process. Because the results will be wonderful!

Choosing the right products

Well, the desired look won’t grow on your head like that. Not only you need patience. But also, the right products for it. Find the correct shampoo, conditioner and other hair products that suit your hair type.

Efficient diet

Another very important factor that will affect your hair is a good diet. Ensure you maintain a healthy diet to maintain your hair health. Include biotin, and omega 3 fatty acids to promote hair growth.

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Regular salon visit

However, your hair may grow by itself. But they do need regular trims and salon visits in order to remove split ends or any other unnecessary hair growth. To maintain them, get some professional help every now and then.

Leave in conditioners

Since the curly hair is prone to dryness and damage. Locking in the moisture is important for them. Try the leave in conditioners for them to make them manageable and frizz free.

10 Ways to grow modern curly hairstyles for men in 2023

Now you have finally embarked upon the journey to grow your own mullet. But here are still some things you should know about mullet haircut curly hair male.

  1. Curly quiff- It is an elegant combination of quiff with curly hair. This hairstyle is versatile in nature and can be carried either dressed up or down.
  2. Afro curls- Some men have naturally stiff curls. For them, this hairstyle is the best. Afro is timeless and helps you embrace your natural beauty.
  3. Curly mullet- Classic but still very modern. This is your go-to hairstyle if you like shorter sides and longer back hair.
  1. Messy curly top- It gives more of a carefree look. For all the low maintenance lads, you have found the style that is best for you.
  2. Long curly locks- If you have long curly hair and want to let them flow freely then this s your hairstyle. Giving you bohemian charm, try the style and your curly locks be free.
  3. Curly pompadour- Want some touch of sophistication in your look? Then this hairstyle and improvise your whole look.
  4. Tapered curls- Curly hair on top gives you neat and stylish look. Try this style to highlight volume and texture.
  5. Curly undercut- shorter sides, longer top. This style gives you a bold and edgy look.
  6. Curly fade- A transition from short to long hair creates a striking visual to your hairstyle.
  7. Curly Mohawk- This style is for sure going to get you some good attention. A perfect statement hairstyle for those who want to stand out.

What style suits curly hair?

Well, after all the hair education. All that matters is your personal style and your hair type. Mullet haircut curly hair straight is one of the popular among many hairstyles. But to choose the right style still depends on your face cut, hair type and of course your personality.

Some of the given above hairstyles go well with tightly coiled curls where as some other may not to the same job. So before choosing the style, understand your need and then find the perfect one.


Is it possible to grow mullet on straight hair?

However, it is easy on curly hair but not impossible for straight hair.

Does growing curly mullet takes time?

Depends and varies from one person to another. It can from a few months to even a year.

Is it easy to maintain mullet?

Depending on your hair type, it may be easy to manageable.

Will mullet suit me?

Mullet suits everyone. All you need is to find the right style and styling products.

Sonali Tomar