Curly Mullet Haircut Trends: How To Cut A Curly Hair Mullet?

The fashion has been taking surge in the recent years. Specially for men, it is a huge deal. Fashion is not easy. But it sure is fun! It defines one’s individuality and enhances their personality. And hair is an essential part of your features. They can even sometimes define your mood. Some days we just have to deal with the ‘bad hair day’ which can be actually a low mood day/. But on other days, your hair might be rocking your whole look! Today, we have dedicated this article to all those men who are looking to step their hair fashion. Specially for all the noodle heads! If you also struggle with your hair fashion because of the curly nature of your hair. Then you are in for a treat! Today we will talk about mens curly mullet haircut. Which will not only help you understand the need of your hair but also let you carry a Long curly mullet haircut. Let us get started!

How do you make a curly mullet look good?

curly mullet haircut


Well, curly hair gang, we all know the struggle of managing and maintaining our hair, don’t we? It can be pretty annoying some days. When you just do not know what to do with your hair! You may even find yourself standing in front of mirror, annoyed, staring at your messy reflection. We know the pain! But we are here to help you manage your curly mullet haircut. Let us guide you through.

  • If you are clueless about your Long curly mullet haircut then it is better to get the expert advice at very first. Since they have apt experience, they can understand and guide according to your face shape, hair texture and desire.
  • Because mullet haircut curly hair is one of the crucial haircuts to let you achieve the desired look, it can get complicated if you do not understand the right hair length for mullet. For the stylish looking hair, choose the right hair length.
  • Try to avoid heavy looking appearance. Go for some layering. It will help you add some good definition to your curls.
  • Ensure that your curly mullet haircut gets the regular maintenance.
  • One of the most important points is to choose the right hair care product. Not everything is made for everyone. Experiment a bit and choose what suits your hair the best.

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10 Creative Ideas for a Curly Mullet Haircut

Mens Short Long curly mullet haircut gives plenty of ways to get creative with your hair. They let you express yourself. Here are some amazing ideas to get creative with your mullet.

  1. Traditional- classic mullet: Well, nothing beats the grace of classic mullet haircut curly hair. Keep it natural and carry with your own style.
  2. Tapered sides: The new style with modern touch goes well by tapering sides. A combination of modern and classic mullet. 
  3. Undercut mullet: Another combination of modernism with traditional mullet. Gives you edgy and bold look.
  4. Colourful mullet: Add a touch of colours by curling or highlighting your mullets. Make them unique and eye catchy.
  5. Curly shag: A funky blend of shag with mullet is all you need to get creative with your curly hair mullet.
  6. Tousled texture: It will help you emphasize your natural curls and enhance them in texture.
  7. Viking mullet: Short curly mullet haircut can help you channel your inner Viking by this amazing mullet. Braid it up or tie them at the back.
  8. Retro Mullet: Embrace your retro vibe by giving a touch of some vintage looks. Add some flairs or carry the natural curls.
  9. Beachy waves: The evergreen mullet, beachy waves are always a good idea to carry with mullets.
  10. Pompadour mullet: Another creative way of carrying your mullet. Style the top an dfront. Give the volume while leaving the curly back.

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How do I make my mullet Fluffy?

mullet Fluffy


A good haircare starts with clean hair. Ensure that your hair is clean to style them in the ways you want to. You can also try some curl enhancing products to maintain and enhance your natural curls and give them volume. Also, before styling your hair, apply some volumizing mousse to your damp hair. It will help you lift your mullet. Be generous with your mousse amount. Lastly, to maximize your curls. Use diffuser to blow dry your hair. Do not forget to take expert advice whenever needed.

The Impact of a Curly Mullet Haircut

Curly mullet haircut like any other haircut leaves a drastic impact on person’s whole personality and looks. If the mullet style is perfect, it can help one enhance and boost their confidence. But on the other hands, the opposite can kill the whole appearance and confidence. It is known ot the unique hairstyle and works as a statement. If you are also thinking to get mullet haircut then think no more and get it done. Take this as your sign to get mens Short curly mullet haircut!

Sonali Tomar