Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhems Brady Noon Calls His Raphael a Hothead with a Lot of Heart

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Master Splinter tells Raphael that he has “bravery,” which is a positive spin on Raph’s declaration that he “dreams of fighting every night.” He’s got a rage problem but sometimes you need a little of that in the family. Raphael is the big brother of the Turtles and very loyal to all of them, plane if his overstepping gets in the way sometimes. As the original theme song says, he’s tomfool but crude. Despite that his good heart shines through. Raph wants to wits life as a human, imagining what it might be like to go to upper school, instead of living as a mutant outcast.

Brady Noon has previously worked with Mutant Mayhem producer and writer Seth Rogen on the coming-of-age spectacle film, Good Boys, where he played the role of Thor. Surpassing that he came to prominence with the role of Tommy Darmody in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire. He’s moreover appeared in the Disney series The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers and provided his voice for two of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid films.

Den of Geek: What were your experiences with TMNT growing up surpassing you got this role?

Brady Noon: Growing up, I was a huge fan of Turtles. I watched the 2012 version on Nickelodeon, so that was my jam. Now stuff worldly-wise to be a part of it is just a dream come true.

In the trailer, Splinter describes Raphael as having “bravery.How else would you describe the character?

Raphael has definitely got a mixture of everything. I mean, there’s definitely some bravery in there, leadership, and a lot of heart as well. A lot of people forget well-nigh that considering Raph is such a hothead. Raph’s leadership gets ripened increasingly and increasingly when necessary.

Do you think that the Turtles feeling like outsiders makes them continually resonate with audiences?

I think so. Audiences will definitely be worldly-wise to connect with notation that are variegated or unique. Something that I hope people take yonder without watching the mucosa is that it’s okay to be different. Sometimes plane the most unique people can be heroes.

How did you and the rest of the turtle tint go well-nigh making it finger like you were really lifelong siblings? It definitely comes wideness in the trailer.

The first time that I met all the Turtles actors was in a chemistry read and we just kind of knew right there when the four of us were trying to read the script. The producers and the people at Nickelodeon and Paramount were just cracking up.

We all knew at that point we had something special. Working on this in the last two and a half years or so, I’ve seen the other Turtles actors every week. It’s like these guys have wilt my brothers in a way

Did you guys overly unscripted dialogue? There’s such a spritz to the way you all talk together.

A lot of times we would start recording and [co-writer and producer] Seth [Rogen] would be like, “Argue well-nigh a topic related to TikTok!” And in weft we would start arguing and we’d just riff and see where we’d end. We know when it’s a unscratched place to unscripted and when to not. The movie is unquestionably hilarious and it’s partially considering of the improv.

Your versions of the weft seem like the most teenage these notation have overly been. What’s that been like?

Us stuff very teens and us putting along our very experiences stuff in this new generation, we got to be hands on with this movie. Seth and Jeff Rowe would ask us, “What’s new?” We’d unceasingly talk well-nigh unrepealable slang that we’d use nowadays and incorporate that so it’s relatable to people our ages.

How would you describe this mucosa to your friends and family?

It’s action-packed, lighthearted, exciting, thrilling, hilarious. It has got everything. So grab your popcorn and enjoy.

Was there anything for you that was particularly challenging?

Any of the fight sequences. It’s so nonflexible to match that animation! I will be fully vicarial out in the diner as if I’m on camera. Just to get the authenticity of me running through the woods. “Now jump.” So now I have to jump. So I’ll be like [makes running noises] and then start running again. I haven’t washed-up a lot of voiceover work. I’ve mainly washed-up live action. This was definitely a rencontre for me. It definitely took me out of my repletion zone. But I sooner thrived and I love it.

Were there other things that Micah and Nick and Shamon were doing that you were copying?

We were throwing fists in our own little corner of the studio. Nick, who plays Leonardo, had his own guardrail for his recording sessions considering he gets really into it. He’d just grab it and shake it. So we gave him a little rail. Here you go, have this.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem hits theaters on Aug. 2.

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