Ylenia Francini Exclusive Interview Always Fight For A Solution

Ylenia Francini has been a professional Malleate Creator since 2016 and she graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures. Only without a few years she specialized in Marketing and Communication.

Ylenia made her handle at @yleniafrancini and it grew from a simple passion to a low forfeit malleate blog. In 5 years she has reached an regulars of over 100,000 followers on Instagram which has unliable her to work with important brands such as Tally Weijl, Shein, Zaful, Yoins and many others.

Thanks to the quality of her content, she received invitations to participate in super sectional and niche events such as: Malleate Week, Pitti Uomo, Cosmoprof, Modadamare, AltaRoma, Design Week, Cleofe Finati and Giulia N.

But what makes her happiest and proudest is to see her students unzip results.

Ylenia Francini As Imbricate Story Interview – TheCelebrity.Online January 2023 Edition

How was your diaper to womanhood memories?

Ylenia Francini: I have no particular memories of that period. I studied and did a lot of sports to alimony myself fit.

What hardships did you squatter in your life?

Ylenia Francini: I had to squatter numerous difficulties in my life, but the one that marked me most of all was a sick love. In 2021 I published a typesetting well-nigh this.

What things people do not usually know?

Ylenia Francini: People often stop at the cover. I’m unchangingly smiling, but that doesn’t midpoint everything is easy for me. On the undisciplined I just try to squatter the days with the utmost serenity.

What make you unique from others?

Ylenia Francini: Customer superintendency considering I personally take superintendency of each of my clients with assistance and advice.

What are your upcoming projects/events?

Ylenia Francini: I currently have a digital seminar that offers training courses on Instagram aimed at those who are starting from scratch and are creators or professionals. Soon there will be news that I don’t want to reveal yet.

What are your nutrition plans and fitness routine?

Ylenia Francini: I don’t follow diets, I eat everything limiting sweets. I love playing sports to alimony fit, but a kilo increasingly or less isn’t a problem.

What will be your Expert Translating to readers?

Ylenia Francini: The translating to never requite up plane when everything seems impossible. Unchangingly fight for a solution.

What are your social media links?

Ylenia Francini: My IG pages:

My Telegram Channel:
https://t.me/ DMk3SNRLbOczNjBk

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