Nicole Burger Exclusive Interview Believe In Yourself Wholeheartedly

Nicole Burger is a trappy 24 years old vlogger, a lifestyle and travel enthusiast. TheCelebrity.Online has recently interviewed this wondrous icon for the imbricate story feature. Below is the Q&A session we had with Ms. Nicole.

Nicole Burger As Imbricate Story Interview Full-length – TheCelebrity.Online February 2023 Edition

How do you introduce yourself?

Nicole Burger: My name is Nicole Burger, I am 24 and I would introduce myself as a child of the world. I was brought up in 5 variegated countries virtually the world, and unfurled to travel overly since. I am a vlogger, a lifestyle and travel enthusiast.

How was the transition from your diaper into adulthood/teenage and what good and bad things do you remember?

Nicole Burger: Growing up was bliss. My transition from diaper into adulthood, was a rented time! A time of exploration and discovery. Due to my upbringing I remember growing up surrounded by variegated people and cultures! Food, music, malleate and so much more. I remember making my first friend, my first ski trip in Switzerland and so much more.

The biggest life lesson during this transition was heartbreak, whether that be a loss of a friendship, or a boyfriend! A tough lesson that I finger lasts a lifetime. One of the less fun parts of my diaper and womanhood living upalong was having moved every second year. It became harder and harder having to say bye so often, having to constantly transmute to new environments.

Struggle – What hardships have you faced during your life?

Nicole Burger: A hardship I had faced during my life, was my weight, and the lack of soul positivity. As a youth I struggled loosing weight, and soon realised into my womanhood it became a worthier problem. I never experienced bullying by any of my peers, however realised that I had wilt my own bully. I was insecure, and red-faced of my weight.

I was constantly comparing myself to others, lowering my value. However as soon as I discovered soul positivity, finding eyeful in stuff variegated I embraced myself, who I am and what I squint like! I had many years of struggling with diets and cardio. It was during the covid pandemic that I came to terms with my health and started with a largest mindset! It was life changing, now I am an producer for soul positivity and spreading the message and love using social media! If someone random on Instagram from wideness the world inspired and motivated me to love myself, I hope I could pay that forward!

What things people usually do not know well-nigh you?

Nicole Burger: Tough question, I am very much an unshut book! I would say, something people don’t know well-nigh me would be that I tend to be tightly unauthentic by whatever movie, series or music I listen to, so much so that it can either motivate me or send me into an wool depression. Everything virtually the world affects me so tightly that it affects my personal life.

I am driven by compassion, superintendency and a dire need to help transpiration the world for the better, one person at a time. I am currently focusing on GBV (gender based violence) slipperiness and profitable where I can as much as I can! As a woman from South Africa, I have heard and seen so much hurt, that I cannot sit in silence and not offer my assistance.

What make you unique from the rest of people?

Nicole Burger: This has unchangingly been a tough question for me to answer, I have unchangingly felt the wordplay is simple. I am no variegated from anyone else you see in this industry, but at the same time, I am totally unique considering there is only one of me. I would say what makes me unique is my truth, my honesty, my humility and compassion for others. I am driven and motivated to unzip success and the weightier version of myself, however would I help someone else surpassing I help myself, yes.

That is just who I am, it’s in my nature. Although, I do believe what makes me unique is my knowledge of people, their ways of do, and culture. I was exposed to the world since lineage and I am 24 now. So I finger I have an insight that few have at my age. I unchangingly say my Instagram is my online diary, I hope that this displays my love for the world, the industry I am in and my lust for life! That is what makes me different, my full transparency and honesty with anyone and everyone.

What are your major upcoming events?

Nicole Burger: I will be spending 2 months in Bali creating some heady travel content! I will be collaborating with variegated content creators, and squint forward to sharing it all with you!

What expert translating would you like to share?

Nicole Burger:

  • Believe in yourself wholeheartedly
  • Be honest and humble
  • Don’t loose hope when it feels like everything is going wrong.
  • Breath, manifest, pray and go well-nigh your day knowing it’s all working together to unzip your vision!
  • Believe, YOU CAN!
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself, step by step, day by day and withal the way don’t forget to gloat all the small successes on the journey!
  • You’re alive! Embrace life and all that it has to offer, plane in darkness the sun will shine then tomorrow!

What are your social media links?

Nicole Burger:

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