All The Light We Cannot See Netflix: What You Need To Know

All The Light We Cannot See Netflix is based on the popular book by the same name written by Anthony Doerr. It is a saga of hope. This story has the backdrop of World War II. Marie Laure LeBlanc and her father Daniel LeBlanc have to leave Paris because Germans have occupied it. Both have a diamond that is exquisite and found from the Museum of Natural History. The diamond is an important part of the book and the movie. The other important part is the radio. Marie and Daniel are carrying the diamond. Both hide it in an attic. Then, Von Rumpel is the person after as he believes that he would gain immortality by it. Werner Pfennig is the second most important character in the book. He knows how to repair radios and he becomes a part of the German army.

How Can I Watch All The Light We Cannot See?

All The Light We Cannot See Netflix


All The Light We Cannot See can be watched on Netflix. The release date of the movie is 2 November, 2023. The trailer of the movie came out on 3 October, 2023. The movie has 4 parts. The movie has been shot in Germany, France, Budapest, and Hungary.

Are They Making All The Light We Cannot See Into A Movie?

Yes, All The Light We Cannot See has been made into a movie. All The Light We Cannot See was a highly appreciated book written by Anthony Doerr. Now, the book is getting adapted into a movie. Shawn Levy is the director and executive producer of All The Light We Cannot See Netflix. Characters All The Light We Cannot See are Marie Laure LeBlanc, Daniel LeBlanc, Uncle Etienne, Werner Pfennig, Von Rumpel, and Madame Manec. Cast of All The Light We Cannot See (TV series) includes Aria Mia Loberti as Marie Laure LeBlanc, Mark Ruffalo as Daniel LeBlanc, Hugh Laurie as Uncle Etienne, Louis Hoffman as Werner Pfennig, Lars Eidinger as Von Rumpel, and Marion Bailey as Madame Manec.

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The story of All The Light We Cannot See is set in France and Germany. Marie Laure LeBlanc is a young girl in Paris and the protagonist of the movie. Daniel LeBlanc is her father. Etienne LeBlanc is the uncle of Daniel LeBlanc. Madame Manec is the house keeper of Etienne LeBlanc. Werner Pfennig is the second protagonist in the movie. He is a German soldier. Von Rumpel is an in-charge for seizing jewels occupied by Germans.

Marie becomes blind because of some eye disease. Daniel is a locksmith at Museum of Natural History. The Germans start occupying Paris. So, both had to leave for Saint-Malo to Uncle Etienne’s house. Before moving there, Daniel carries the precious diamond Sea of Flames. He hides it in Etienne’s house in an attic. But, he gets arrested and has to go to jail in Germany. He dies there. Madame Manec starts a revolt against the Germans by gathering a group of French people. Etienne and Marie also become a part of it. Etienne has a radio transmitter in his house which he uses for communication in the revolt against the Germans. Daniel is asked to return to the museum but he gets arrested and has to go to the jail in Germany.

Werner Pfennig is staying in an orphanage with his sister. He learns all this from a secret French broadcast. He gets a chance to join a Nazi school as he repairs a Nazi official’s radio. Her sister gets afraid as she didn’t want him to get influenced by Nazi values. At the Nazi school, there is a lot of violence and he gets beaten up.

Werner becomes a German soldier he has to see if anyone is using illegal radios. He is sent to Saint-Malo. At that place, he finds a man who has the same voice as that of the person from the secret French program. He secretly observes the house where the person lives. He meets Marie there.

Von Rumpel has been given the task of seizing jewels occupied by Germans. He is frantically searching for the diamond Sea of Flames. This is because he is suffering from cancer and wants to be immortal. He is able to find three stones. He is also searching for the fourth stone and finds it at Saint-Malo. Paris is invaded by Germans and there is bombing. Werner is in a cellar because a building fell on him. Marie is in her house with no one to help her. Rumpel is in search for diamond at Saint-Malo. When he enters there, Marie hides below the roof and keeps Etienne’s radio transmitter and diamond with her. She is disseminating messages from the radio which Werner listens to help her come out safely.

Werner is able to escape from the cellar. He reaches Saint-Malo after hearing the broadcast of Marie in which she was asking for help. Rumpel, who is in the house thinks that Werner, has come to take the diamond. He tries to scare him. Werner kills Rumpel. He also helps Marie come out safely. Then, both leave the place. Marie hides the diamond in cave. Both go their separate ways. Marie is in Paris with Uncle Etienne. Werner is in a jail and dies because of delirium and stepping onto a minefield.

Why Is All The Light We Cannot See Not In A Chronological Order?

Yes, All The Light We Cannot See Netflix is not in a chronological order. He doesn’t tell the story chronologically form starting to the end. He infuses suspense in the story before the ending. Then, he takes the story to the starting point. However, there is another change from chronology transiently. The story is told in a chronological order after that. And, there is less of moving back and forth in terms of chronology. The story of the movie and the novel is told in quite a different manner. It is more of like a mixed up scenario. The novel, hence, seems more thrilling and suspenseful. It is a captivating story. As it was not told in a chronological order, the story becomes interesting and the author is able to connect two parallel stories together. He gives the readers an idea of what is going to happen.

Is This Book and The TV Series A Love Story?

Yes, All The Light We Cannot See Netflix is a love story. When Werner helps Marie come out of the house safely he falls in love with her. But, it is not like a traditional love story.

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