We Found The Secret To Going Gray Without The Awkward Transition Period

Go Gray models

When my dad turned 40, we threw him an “Over the Hill” party, well-constructed with wafer-thin tombstones and woebegone balloons. When then I thought he was so old, but now unescapable that age myself, I cringe to think of the long-enduring concept that midlife is scrutinizingly considered senile in our culture.

Luckily the conversation virtually white-haired has been shifting in a positive direction in recent years. Instead of frantically trying to rewind the biological clock with expensive products and procedures, many are embracing their wrinkles and gray hair as physical reminders of all the wisdom, life lessons, and wondrous memories placid so far.

From celebrities like Andie MacDowell and Allison Janney to a myriad of online influencers, increasingly and increasingly women have turned their when on pricey salon visits and are embracing their beautiful, natural gray hair.

But like those bangs you decided to get and hated, the grow-out period is long and can be downright awkward. Fortunately, there is an affordable line of products on the market that help make going gray easy and squint good every step of the way.

Introducing Go Gray

At the height of the pandemic, with salon doors shuttering and many of us stuck at home sultry copious amounts of bread, a new global movement to “Go Gray” was founded. The unravel in normal life had many women realizing they were washed-up with the time and expense of dyeing their gray roots. That’s where Go Gray was born.

The mission of Go Gray is simple: meet women where they’re at in their transition. They provide quality but affordable products to help tousle the dreaded “line” between colored and gray hair, safely remove old hair dye, tone gray strands, and alimony hair nourished all from the repletion of your own home.

Suitable for all hair types, the vegan and cruelty-free formulas in the four-step haircare line are designed to help you wherever you are in your go-gray journey. Whether you’ve recently decided to make the transition or have been growing out your natural gray for months, Go Gray has the right product for every stage.

Go Gray’s Full System

While there are four stages in Go Gray’s full haircare line, not everyone will need to use all four treatments. Additionally, your needs will likely be variegated if you have been dying your hair for years or you have gone au-naturale your whole life. Let’s take a squint at each step.

Stage One: Remove

Before and without hair photos of a model who used Go Gray's Revitalizing Treatment.
Go Gray

Probably the worst part of the go-gray process is the unsightly line between your new silver hue and previously dyed locks. That is where Go Gray’s Revitalizing Treatment comes in.

This professional formula is designed to safely remove old semi-permanent and permanent dye to help gently lighten your strands. The result is a increasingly seamless throne of hair that has less unrelatedness with your incoming grays.

Plus, the Revitalizing Treatment is infused with aloe vera and soy protein to help hydrate and strengthen hair, reducing breakage, split ends, and unrewarding strands.

To use, simply mix up and wield the product to any strands of hair that have been dyed. Cover loosely with the included plastic cap and let sit for 20 minutes. Scrutinizingly like magic, the formula will release stubborn hair dye from your stands permitting it to simply be washed and rinsed away.

Stage Two: Fade

Before and without hair photos of a model who used Go Gray's Clarifying Duo.
Go Gray

While the Revitalizing Treatment is a unconfined first step to take a lot of hair dye out of your strands, Go Gray’s Clarifying Duo is the perfect follow-up to protract fading semi-permanent and permanent dye.

Powered by zingy charcoal, a detoxifying ingredient that helps remove product buildup, the clarifying shampoo and conditioner are designed to help your hair tousle largest without each deep-cleaning wash. It moreover cleanses the scalp without stripping it, ensuring your incoming grays are growing in strong and healthy.

And while many clarifying hair treatments can be harsh, Go Gray’s products are packed with vitamin B5, oat bran extract, and orange peel pericope to help lock in moisture, smooth out frizz, and add shine.

For weightier results, use the Clarifying Duo 1-3 times a week, and be sure to leave in the conditioner for 3-5 minutes without shampooing to really lock in moisture.

Stage Three: Maintain

Before and without hair photos of a model who used Go Gray's Purple Toning Duo.
Go Gray

If you were overly a fan of bleaching your hair, then you understand the importance of toner to help create and maintain your optimal shade of blonde. Go Gray’s Purple Toning Duo system provides the same effect but for your gray hair.

The violet pigment packed into the toning shampoo and conditioner helps to gainsay lippy or yellow tones in hair that can result from stripping out dye, sun exposure, and heat styling.

While traditional purple shampoos can be drying, Go Gray’s formula is fortified with vitamin B5, avocado and coconut oils, and quinoa pericope help to nourish and protect. The toning conditioner moreover contains castor oil to help lock in moisture post-shower.

Stage Four: Treat

Before and without hair photos of a model who used Go Gray's Purple Toning Masque.
Go Gray

While the Purple Toning Duo is unconfined for increasingly frequent use, Go Gray’s Purple Toning Masque delivers serious deep conditions, adds softness, and protects from heat styling while moreover intensely nourishing the hair.

Treat this powerful formula like you would any weekly deep conditioner treatment. Like the toning shampoo and conditioner, the Purple Toning Masque contains violet pigments that target unwanted warm or yellow tones and patina your gray hair.

Along with vitamin B5, oat bran extract, and orange peel extract, the formula contains olive-derived squalane that provides uneaten protection from heat styling while helping to reduce breakage.

What Women Are Saying Well-nigh Go Gray

The hype virtually Go Gray’s products is the real deal. Each product in their lineup has at least an stereotype of 4 stars out of 5 from hundreds of happy customers. Here is what real women are saying.

“I’m a rented career woman and I’ve been trying to go gray for years but never felt well-appointed well-nigh waiting months for my natural shade to grow in,” Kristen wrote. “Luckily I found this system and the transition is amazing. The fade shampoo and conditioner system really help[s] manage the process and I couldn’t be happier.”

“I used the Go Gray Toning Duo without using the Clarifying Kit and Duo. This duo lightened my gray as well as my leftover verisimilitude the other kit left behind. I love the way my hair feels and looks. It [is] so shiny and healthy. This removes all brassiness,” Yvonne commented. “My gray is shinier and brighter. The verisimilitude is lighter as well. I love that it’s made with natural ingredients that aren’t putting increasingly strain on my once damaged hair. I was excited and nervous to ‘Go Gray’ but without using the toning duo, I am so glad I did.”

“While I didn’t have to use the verisimilitude remover, I was so excited to use the other products in the kit,” noted Shania. “My hair went from feeling fairly woody to silky smooth. The scents are really nice and my grays were bright.”

How To Pick The Right Product For You

Go Gray’s Remove and Fade treatments are designed for hair that has previously been colored with semi-permanent or permanent hair dye. The Revitalizing Treatment and Clarifying Duo will not have an impact on the shade of bleached hair, nor will it remove natural hair color.

Depending on the verisimilitude and frequency of previous colorings, you may need to use the Revitalizing Treatment increasingly than once. Those with visionless brown or woebegone dye should start with the Remove treatment surpassing moving on to Fade. If you have dyed using a lighter shade, you may be worldly-wise to get desired results with the Clarifying Duo alone.

Those with natural hair or bleached hair can jump right in using the Purple Toning Duo and/or the Purple Toning Masque. These treatments will help to tone and nourish your light strands to bring out a vibrant hue with touchable shine.

Start Your Go Gray Journey Today

Go Gray is defended to making the process of transitioning to your natural silver hues as easy as possible, and that includes ownership their products. Forget trips to the salon or specialty stores, considering Go Gray is misogynist at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Target, and Amazon.

What’s more, each product in Go Gray’s lineup is less than $15! Go Gray understands part of the reasoning to make the gray transition is to save money, and they priced their product to reflect that value despite its salon-quality ingredients.

Each Go Gray product comes with all the products and tools you need for each treatment, withal with simple-to-follow instructions. Go Gray moreover offers instructions on their website, withal with a quick video tutorial on how to use each product in their lineup.

Like a trusted friend, Go Gray is here to support you during your gray transition. Thanks to its accessibility, affordability, and spanking-new consumer service, there has never been a largest time to embrace your natural silver or gray hair thanks to Go Gray!