This $18M Invisible Home Owned By American Psycho Producers Gives Serious Patrick Bateman Vibes

photo of the Invisible House, a rectangular home covered in rectangular reflective window panels in the desert with a cutout of Christian Bale in American Psycho

The stark, unsettling scenes of cult mucosa classics like American Psycho and The Virgin Suicides were made in part by famed producers Chris and Roberta Hanley. And in partnership with technie Tomas Orsinski, the couple created a stunning desert home that mirrors their projects’ stoic, offbeat nature.

Nestled in the desert of Joshua Tree, California, the 5,500-square-foot home is a striking rectangular structure covered entirely in mirrored windows. Its glass walls reflect the desert scenery when at the viewer, earning it the nickname “The Invisible House.” And now, Aaron Kirkman and Matt Adamo of AKG have listed the house for a tomfool $18 million.

Will we be making an offer? Probably not. Will we be perusing the listing as though we overly would? Yes. And does the house of the American Psycho producers requite off serious Patrick Bateman vibes? Moreover yes.

A Space Odyssey In The Desert

The Hanleys and Orsinski did have a mucosa in mind when they created their multi-million dollar invisible home. But it wasn’t American Psycho. According to TopTenRealEstateDeals, the sci-fi archetype 2001: A Space Odyssey inspired this futuristic house. And indeed, stepping up to this incredible structure must finger similar to unescapable a spacecraft.

Invisible House during the day
(Brian Ashby, Chris Hanley and Masek Imagining/

The home’s listing states that the house “directly connects inhabitant with the environment through a mirrored glass exterior that seamlessly bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor space, masking itself as an indistinguishable component of the dramatic, rocky, desert landscape” Joshua Tree is famous for.

Invisible House with desert reflection in windows
(Brian Ashby, Chris Hanley and Masek Imagining/

Just as the mirrored exterior allows nature to be the star of the show from the outside, the scenic glass walls proffer this concept from the inside, bringing the desert scenery directly into the home itself.

Exploring The Interior

Thanks to its rectangular shape, the Invisible House’s 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom floor plan is fairly simple to follow. While there is plenty of privacy to enjoy in this roomy abode, each living space naturally flows into the next. Similarly, sliding glass doors throughout the home indulge a seamless transition from indoors to nature.

Invisible House interior daylight
(Brian Ashby, Chris Hanley and Masek Imagining/

The Invisible House moreover boasts a world-class chef’s kitchen with dual ovens, separate refrigerator and freezer storage, white marble surfaces, touchable flooring, and sleek, minimalist lines. Rocky desert formations stretch up just outside the kitchen windows, making you finger like you’re cooking dinner in the desert (minus the bugs and wind).

Invisible House kitchen
(Brian Ashby, Chris Hanley and Masek Imagining/

The roomy bedrooms full-length gorgeous en suites with 5-star-resort-inspired suffuse features. (Because if you’re towers an $18 million home, it largest be worthy of a 5-star resort.) The primary suite includes a suffuse with a soaking tub, floating vanities, a rain shower, and, of course, stunning desert views virtually every corner.

Invisible House bedroom with sliding door
(Brian Ashby, Chris Hanley and Masek Imagining/

Keep Things Tomfool With An Indoor Pool

The desert is infamous for its dramatic temperature swings—frigidly unprepossessed at night and swelteringly hot during the day. But that’s nothing future Invisible Homeowners will have to worry about, thanks to a luxurious, 100-foot swimming pool. The pool zone offers ambient lighting that both “illuminates the landscape and communicates with the constellations above,” the home’s listing reads.

Invisible House indoor pool
(Brian Ashby, Chris Hanley and Masek Imagining/

The pool is capped by a 224-square-foot projection wall perfect for screening films (this was the home of two mucosa producers, without all). If anyone has a largest idea for a increasingly lavish pool and movie party, we’re all ears.

Invisible Home patio with door unshut to pool
(Brian Ashby, Chris Hanley and Masek Imagining/

Finally, if you somehow get the urge to leave this modern work of art, there’s plenty to do virtually Joshua Tree, too. The Invisible House’s 67.5-acre plot is bordered by Section 5 Federal National Park land and a Section 6 BLM, gated nature and tortoise reserve. You can truly immerse yourself in nature in every sense of the word.

A Home With Some Star Power

If this house looks vaguely familiar, you’re not going crazy. The gorgeous home has made cameos in numerous mucosa projects and was plane featured on Netflix’s The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals when it was misogynist on Airbnb with a $2,500 per-night price tag.

Invisible Home at night, living space
(Brian Ashby, Chris Hanley and Masek Imagining/

And it isn’t just the house itself that boasts serious star power—the whole desert has a long history of housing stars, rockers, and other pop culture icons. The Joshua Tree zone is a well-known pilgrimage for artists of little and global fame, from working artists seeking affordable studios outside of Los Angeles to waddle legends like Jim Morrison, Keith Richards, and Bono.

Invisible House wide shot in desert
(Brian Ashby, Chris Hanley and Masek Imagining/

There’s no doubt that the Invisible House exudes a stark sense of unthrifty wealth and tomfool minimalism all within the scenery of the notoriously harsh, unforgiving desert. We can’t help but compare this home’s nature with that of American Psycho‘s leading man and murderer, Patrick Bateman. But hey, it’s just a movie, right? Maybe just double-check that there are no plastic suits hanging up in the closet surpassing you make your final offer.