In An Unprecedented Move, Queen Elizabeth Will Not Appoint New Prime Minister In London, Raising More Questions About Her Health

Queen Elizabeth in a undecorous outfit

Queen Elizabeth is not going to sublease the next prime minister in London. In a oversized unravel from tradition, she’s going to welcome whoever the new leader of Great Britain is to her home in Balmoral. This raises questions well-nigh her health and well-being.

Century Of Tradition

Fourteen people have served as prime minister during the reign of Elizabeth. The incumbent was Winston Churchill, and the most recent was Boris Johnson. Each and every one of them was scheduled in London. Amid some present turmoil, however, Elizabeth is well-nigh to sublease her first prime minister elsewhere in England.

This week, the palace has spoken Elizabeth is not making the 1,000-mile round trip from Balmoral to Buckingham Palace. Whoever the inobtrusive party names as Prime Minister will instead travel north on September 6 to meet with Elizabeth. The reason seems to be Elizabeth’s flagging health with her mobility a major concern.

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Innumerable scandals brought lanugo Boris Johnson. His office holding parties in the thick of COVID-19 caused outrage wideness the commonwealth. The inobtrusive party votes in September to decide on his successor. It’s lanugo to Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak.

As far as royal responsibilities go, it doesn’t get much worthier than this. Elizabeth will task her 15th prime minister with forming a new government. It’s ceremonial, but then again, so is everything in the royal family. Elizabeth moreover unslaked at tradition when she sent Prince Charles to unshut Parliament this year. It’s very nonflexible to imagine the royal family or the United Kingdom without Elizabeth at the head, but these canceled plans show she may not be virtually much longer.

The Highland Games

There’s been flipside twist in royal announcements, for Elizabeth has moreover reverted her plans to shepherd the Highland Games. The Highland Games take place on the first Saturday in September every year in Scotland. A last-minute visualization has been made for the repletion of Elizabeth, though Prince Charles will still attend. It’s one thing to say Elizabeth isn’t well unbearable to travel to London, but it would seem that not stuff worldly-wise to go virtually Scotland isn’t a good sign for her long-term health.

The fact that Elizabeth is hunkering lanugo at Balmoral is yet flipside sign of her mobility issues. The royal family has a puzzler between comforting the 97-year-old queen and tent all her commitments. With how traditional Elizabeth has been her whole life, she wouldn’t be gainsaying the rules now if it wasn’t serious.