Awkward Interviews with Celebrities: What You Need to Know

When speaking with celebrities, the television show hosts, news anchors, and journalists frequently push the limits with their questions. First to learn about earth-shattering discoveries is about their personal lives. The interviewers bravely grill their guests and sometimes mistreat them. These portions frequently result in uncomfortable interviews. And are difficult to watch in the name of getting a good story. Below, i have mentioned the list of awkward interviews with celebrities that you can read and learn the interesting part. 

Though hosts occasionally intentionally foster tension, which can also happen accidentally. These unsettling celebrity interviews can make viewers and listeners cringe with empathetic humiliation or rage. It be a remark that was once appropriate. But it has not aged well as society increases its standards or a genuine misstep that offends a guest star.

10 Most Awkward Celebrity Interviews Ever You Never Miss Out

10 Most Awkward Celebrity Interviews Ever You Never Miss Out


Dakota Johnson on Ellen

Let's begin with one of the current additions to the Hall of Fame of Terrible Interviews. The conversation started awkwardly when Ellen DeGeneres accused Dakota Johnson of not inviting her to a birthday party when, in fact, the comedian got the invitation. And she declined the invitation.

One time, Ellen objects, "You've been on the show a lot." Why don't I express my affection for you?

Dakota jokes about the interview "not going well" at one poin. And she even considers walking off the stage altogether, but they can get back on course.

On This Morning, Fern Britton

Fern Britton, who thought she had overlooked a Bafta ceremony honouring This Morning's successes. She confronted Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that she didn't like it during the live show.

The argument finally made its way onto social media. There was a revelation that her people had the invitation but hadn't given it to Fern because they assumed she wouldn't have wanted to go.

CNN Interview with Joan Rivers

The late Joan Rivers objected while being questioned for her new book in 2014. She thought the questions were serious.

The comic finally lost it and walked out after being questioned about her decision to wear fur on the book cover.

The CNN interviewer was a news reporter, not an entertainment reporter, Joan subsequently remarked to The Hollywood Reporter. She didn't seem to comprehend. There was a discussion about the Comedy Novel and not the Nuremberg Trial transcripts.

Cara Delevingne on Sacramento's Good Day

When the host addressed the model-turned-actor as "Carla", before she had even spoken. The promotional interview for Cara Delevingne's film Paper Town in 2015 took a sharp turn.

The interview was eventually cut short by the hosts of Good Morning Sacramento. When they saw that Carla appeared "less excited" than she had in previous interactions and "a bit irritated."

Jesse Eisenberg on Romina's Say My Name Episode 

The most agonising part of this situation is difficult to nail down.

The presenter, Romina Puga commented to Jesse Eisenberg that she is "on his time"? Or perhaps when he acts as though her joke about him having a "fat thumb" offended him?

On Popworld, Avril Lavigne

Alex Zane and Avril Lavigne stand out as the pair who seem the least interested in conversing with one another. Especially, when the topic of Venice's odour comes up.

Naturally, Popworld was renowned for its irreverence when conducting interviews. But Avril's team neglected to inform her of this before she sat down on the couch.

Madonna appeared on David Letterman's Show

During her 1994 appearance on David Letterman's talk program, the Queen of Pop's credibility was at an all-time low, and this interview undoubtedly didn't help.

Before asking him to smell her underpants and inquiring about his preference for urinating in the shower, she repeatedly dropped the F-bomb, and the presenter was shocked.

After ten years, Madonna later attributed her behaviour to smoking a joint just before taking the stage.

Sky News Interview with Peter Andre

"Discuss the tour with me,"

The day after his ex-wife, Katie Price, married Alex Reid, it was unfortunate that Peter Andre got scheduled for an interview on Sky News. He did not appreciate being asked about the possibility of the cage fighter about adopting his children.

Eventually, the tearful singer ended the interview by asking Kay Burley, "I'd rather just stop this if that's OK?"

Jonathan Ross and Lady Gaga's Friday Night Performance

When Lady Gaga was starting to become one of the most famous singers in the world. She gave one of her first UK interviews to the Jonathan Ross, but the conversation wasn't exactly plain sailing.

As he sipped tea and spoke softly, the host gave the impression that he didn't know what to make of Lady Gaga. However, he wasn't entirely to blame. He asked the singer about the persistent rumour that she had a penis at the time.

On Morning Joe, Russell Brand

Around the 4:45, a conversation about Russell's accent develops into him. Accusing the morning hosts of "casual objectification," the awkwardness in this situation begins.

Is this what you guys do for a living? He inquired. Calling them out on their impoliteness for talking about him without stopping while he was seated at the table.

What is the best question to ask a celebrity?

  • What frightens you the most?
  • What makes you smile?
  • Do you intend to appear in any other films?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Which genre of film do you enjoy acting in the most?
  • Describe your plans for the next five years of your life.

Why do some celebrities not do interviews?

Press work is a requirement for individuals who want to become famous. Celebrities are looked upon as gods today. And our obsession with knowing every nuance of people's private lives drives this. Anyone in the spotlight feels enormous pressure to disclose!

While some celebrities wish they didn't have to give interviews, most of them smile and bear it. Nevertheless, some famous people decline to participate in press appearances or interviews. They may occasionally respond to questions. They don't go on lengthy press tours like other celebrities do.

They do so for several reasons, like keeping their personal life private. Including preventing the fan distraction from their profession and preventing press misquotes.

In few circumstances, choosing not to speak to the media is the wise move. It boosts a person's performance in the field since it keeps them somewhat of a mystery.

Sonali Tomar