What Was The First Feature Length Animated Movie Ever Released?

We have seen the world evolve. Everyday a new invention shows up. A new trend comes up. From the real world to social media and to the world of television. Everything has evolved. Especially when it comes to entertainment and world of animation. The changes have been huge! We all know how much profit these entrainment platforms make. It is multi- billion-dollar industry! There are even many shows and animations that have been in existence for decades. It is clear that people like us love watching these animations. But did it ever occur to you that how all did it began? How did this enchanting animation come up and blew our minds? We all have been crazily hooked on these animations but what is their origin?

If you too have all such curiosity. Then today we are here to answer all your questions. Let us dive into the amazing world of animation and find out more about them. We will discuss many factors today. From the birth of animation to their role in today’s time. So, stick to the end to get all your questions answered.

Beginning of animation

It was not too long ago that our elders were watching the black and white screens. Although, luckily, we always have had the colourful screen entertaining us but that too also just began in the 19th century. With the use of devices like phenakistoscope and zoetrope it all became possible. These inventions gave the illusion of motion in the images. Images could be viewed in rapid movements thus, making them look like they are moving. The Lumiere brothers were the first ones to have introduced the world of animation to us. the earlier films were short in nature. Only like two or three minutes in length. But Emile Reynaud’s Pauvre Pierrot which was made in 1892 remains the first animated long film.

Arrival of Disney

Well then, now comes the talk of the town, The Disney! Yep, Disney means animation and animations means Disney. They are the synonyms of each other. Disney has played a significant role in the world of animation. 1928 is the year when they brought our beloved character Mickey into the world. from “Steamboat Willie”, Mickey entered into our lives and soon became the most loved character ever. This short film reached a huge milestone in animation. With this short film, the introduction of synchronized sound to animation was done. Which needless to say, became an instant hit.

Walt Disney with his team of great and talented animators and artists changed animation. His team included Ub Iwerk and Lottie Reiniger, Iwerk’s wife. All of them came together to make animation a huge hit!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Then comes the year 1937. Which means, the arrival of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This animated movie became a groundbreaking cinematic achievement. The movie is still famous even today! This movie is significant in many ways. It was a full-length and feature films for families movies.

This film is based on the German fairy tale which features a beautiful young princess, Snow White. She is forced to run away from her palace to escape her evil stepmother, the Evil queen. She runs away in jungle and finds a small house and finds refugee in it. Later on, she finds out that the house belonged to seven dwarfs. Who were lovable and caring towards her. The film is really captivating and memorable to all of us. Almost all over the globe, it has made its fans.

A closer look at Snow White and Seven Dwarfs

Creating this famous movie, Snow White and Seven Dwarfs has been a great challenge for many reasons. It was the first of its first-of-its-kind movie. It was an ambitious move which came with an expensive price tag. The film took more than two years of production and hundreds of artists’ efforts to create this masterpiece. Bringing the story to life has been a tough challenge.  Crafting two million individual cels to create the characters and build cells has been a huge task! The brilliance in the movie speaks for all the hard work and labour the makers put into it.

Success of animation

The movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was first released in 1937. Right after its release, the movie became an instant hit. With just its initial release, the movie brought in a total of 8 million dollars which at that time was a huge deal. Not only this, but its real earning was the fame that it received which even brought it an honorary Academy Award for its achievements.

It was just the beginning for Disney and the world of animation. The fame got even better bigger. With the arrival of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, many other feature films for families movies came in light afterwards including Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, The lion King and now many more!

If you are a true animation fan, then you know about the true magic of animation.

Sonali Tomar