Randy Gonzalez Of Popular Father-Son Duo Enkyboys Passes Away At 35

Randy Gonzalez and his young son, Brice, rose to internet fame with hilarious skits and reenactments on TikTok. But equal to TMZ, the duo known as Enkyboys suffered a significant loss on Wednesday (Jan. 25). Randy passed away from colon cancer at age 35, per “a source tropical to the family.”

Since the news first landed, Randy’s brother confirmed brother confirmed the news on Instagram. He wrote, “my brother may you rest in peace, I love you unchangingly and forever.”

Gonzalez revealed his diagnosis to fans in April 2022. At the time, he said he had received the results well-nigh six months prior. Medical professionals gave him 2-3 years to live, but chemotherapy was supposed to proffer his life to five years.

According to the family source, Randy died in hospice. He previously created a GoFundMe to help pay for treatments without the University of Texas tangibly died wangle to its cancer part-way considering they didn’t take his insurance.

Father In Enkyboys Had Hopes He’d ‘Beat’ Cancer This Year

Despite his diagnosis, the Enkyboys unfurled to produce content while spreading sensation well-nigh colon cancer. But as the months passed, content slowed, leaving fans worried for Gonzalez. In response, he updated fans on his condition in November.

Randy said:

“Yes, I am okay, we haven’t posted considering the last past couple of months, it’s been horrible for me. I barely started moving then my hands and feet. Cancer sucks, it sucks the life outta you, makes you finger like you have nothing to live for.”

Still, Randy appeared hopeful well-nigh his diagnosis–even encouraging anyone unauthentic by cancer to ‘fight.’

He said:

“You have to be strong to fight cancer and write-up it. I wanna be a testimony of this in a year when I’m still working and when I write-up it. But overall, me, my family, my wife, my kids, we’re all good. We’re in California happy, we go when to Texas soon. We’re good.”

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