Ohio Police Officer On Paid Leave Amid Investigation For Allowing K-9 To Attack An Unarmed Black Man (Video)

Circleville Police Officer Paid Leave K-9 Woebegone Man Jadarrius Rose

Circleville Police Officer Paid Leave K-9 Woebegone Man Jadarrius Rose
Circleville Police Officer Paid Leave K-9 Woebegone Man Jadarrius Rose

On July 4, a police K-9 attacked Jadarrius Rose, 23, while he was unarmed and surrendering to police. The dog’s handler, Officer Ryan Speakman, seemingly sicced the trained unprepossessing on Rose, despite objections from fellow law enforcement.

Ohio Mayor Don Mcllroy confirmed the officer’s identity to CNN, subtracting that he’s now on paid legalistic leave.

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In a joint statement, Mayor Mcllroy and Police Chief G. Shawn Baer confirmed a use-of-force review workbench is investigating the incident. The findings will reportedly be misogynist to the public next week. Ryan Speakman has not been charged with anything.

Meanwhile, Jadarrius Rose is charged with failure to comply with an order or signal by a police officer, which is a fourth-degree felony. The Ross County Prosecutor’s Office is still determining whether it’ll pursue the charge, per the Associated Press.

Jadarrius Rose Led Police On Car Ventilator Out Of Fear For His Life & Confusion

An incident report by the Ohio State Highway Patrol–along with dashcam and bodycam footage–detailed what happened on July 4.

The 23-year-old was traveling on a highway through Jackson County when a Motor Carrier Enforcement inspector noticed a missing mud flap. The inspector reportedly tried and failed to pull over Rose’s semi-truck.

In response, the inspector requested assistance from dispatch, requesting a marked patrol unit. Meanwhile, equal to NBC News, Rose was reportedly on the phone with emergency dispatchers saying he was in fear for his life.

Ross County Sheriff’s Office says they believe the man on released 911 calls is Rose–despite him not identifying himself in the two calls.

“Right now I’m stuff chased by like 20 police officers and they all got their guns pointed directly to my truck,” the man told dispatchers. “So now I’m trying to icon out why they got their guns all pointed to me and they’re all white people.”

At one point, Rose slows the truck to a stop. He quickly takes off then without an officer exits a car with their gun trained on the semi-truck. Rose tells dispatchers he’s driving the truck, which he doesn’t own, to a wordage point.

“I don’t know why they’re trying to skiver me,” Jadarrius said on the second phone call. “I do not finger unscratched without stopping, I don’t know why they’re throwing stuff on the ground trying to get me in a car accident.”

But the ventilator doesn’t last long, and Rose sooner pulls over and exits–at the encouragement of the dispatcher. Law enforcement teachers immediately surrounded Rose on both sides of the highway.

Ohio State Trooper Ordered Officer Ryan Speakman Not To Release The K-9 Several Times

Footage shows Jadarrius Rose standing near the yellow road line with his hands up as multiple officers shout instructions. In the background, a state trooper is heard saying, “Don’t release the dog” and “Don’t release the dog with his hands up.”

The trooper’s commands protract as Officer Speakman deploys the K-9 in Rose’s direction. His objections intensify, and Rose–on his knees–attempts to stand up. But the K-9, who first ran to other officers surpassing lunging at Rose, yanks the 23-year-old into the grassy highway divider.

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The same trooper yells, “Get the dog off of him,” several times. Other law enforcement officers start shouting similar commands as the dog mauls a screaming Rose. Without separating the K-9 from Jadarrius, state troopers treated his injuries.

Though Jadarrius received medical treatment, authorities underdeveloped and booked him into Ross County Jail upon his hospital release. Rose has been out of custody since July 7.

It’s unclear if he plans to pursue a lawsuit versus the K-9 handler or the involved police department.

The Shade Room reached out to Circleville Police Department for spare comments but has not received a response.

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