Nearly Naked John Cena Presents Oscar For Best Costume Design

John Cena in a real sense uncovered everything at the Oscars on Sunday.

The entertainer showed up in front of an audience during the broadcast to introduce the honor for best ensemble configuration amusingly seeming to not wear anything by any stretch of the imagination.

John Cena gives out costume design Oscar in his 'birthday suit'

No, Cena showed up on the stage at the year's most renowned occasion in Hollywood… on the whole stripped.

The show's host Jimmy Kimmel set up the piece by sharing a smidgen of Oscars history, gesturing to the 1974 Institute Grants when a streaker stumbled into the stage. Kimmel facetiously said, "Could you at any point envision in the event that a bare man stumbled into the stage today? Couldn't unreasonably be insane?"

From the side of the stage, Cena looked his head out and told Kimmel he would have rather not "do the streaker chomped any longer."

"It's a rich occasion. Truly, you ought to feel embarrassed right now for proposing such a dull thought," Cena grumbled. "The male body isn't a joke!"

Kimmel contended that Cena, who is likewise a popular WWE grappler, wrestles naked. "Man, I don't wrestle exposed," Cena said. "I wrestle in jorts!"

John Cena Naked on Oscars 2024 Stage: ​Oscars 2024: John Cena goes nude to  present Best Costume Award | - Times of India

"Jorts are more regrettable than exposed!" Kimmel said as the crowd snickered.

Right now, Cena - conveying a curiously large victor's envelope over his reproductive organs - strolled to the focal point of the stage as the crowd's jaws dropped to the floor.

"Ensembles, they are so significant. Perhaps the main thing there is," he said while introducing the honor.

With a help from Kimmel, who later enveloped Cena by a shade leaving him considerably less uncovered, they declared Holly Waddington as the best ensemble plan Oscar champ for "Unfortunate Things."

While Cena seemed to have been bare in front of an audience, a source with information lets CNN know that he "was shrouded in the crotch and butt break region - and the envelope was velcroed to him."

Why Did John Cena Appear Fully NAKED on The Oscars 2024 Stage? Read on

The justification for the wellbeing estimates around Cena's genitals? The show needed to ensure there were no FCC infringement, CNN comprehends.

Perhaps now Oscar-victor Waddington can prepare something that Cena can wear to the all-nighter.


Who has won the most Oscars for best costume design?

Edith Head won multiple times and was named multiple times altogether, both the most ever. Milena Canonero and Colleen Atwood are the most respected living creators, with four honors each.

Can you win an Oscar for costume design?

Thus, the IndieWire Specialty group chose to glance back at the victors of the Best Ensemble Plan Oscar beginning around 2000 and see what we could find out about how outfit configuration has advanced throughout the century up to this point. The Foundation positively has a sort.

How do costume designers get paid?

Outfit Creators are for the most part viewed as independent specialists, and that implies that they don't get benefits from one gig to another. Be that as it may, assuming they are important for the Ensemble Fashioners Society, they are ensured sure least rates and different benefits in view of their consideration in an association.

Who is the most worn designer at the Oscars?

Balancing the rundown of the main 5 most worn planner marks at the Oscars throughout the course of recent years are: Valentino (20), Christian Dior (18), Vera Wang (16), and Chanel (14).