FaceTime Father! Kenya Moore Reportedly Slams Marc Daly For Allegedly Seeing Daughter Twice In 2 Years

Kenya Moore Marc Daly Daughter Relationship

Kenya Moore Marc Daly Daughter Relationship
Kenya Moore Marc Daly Daughter Relationship

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is fighting when against Marc Daly, calling for her to be held in contempt. Instead, she’s reportedly accusing him of skipping out on his hands-on duties regarding their 4-year-old daughter, Brooklyn.

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Kenya Says Marc Daly Is “Unwilling” To Be Consistent With Brooklyn

According to Radar Online, Kenya recently filed a motion responding to Marc’s complaint. She’s noted as slamming him for “attempting to create an issue” and not sticking to a schedule with Brooklyn.

“Mother and Father had an established scheduled time daily to undeniability the child. In an struggle to create issues, Father began to erratically transpiration the times that he wanted to undeniability on a whelm. He did this for the purpose of attempting to create an issue.”

She widow that Marc Daly “has been random in his policies and unwilling to stick to the established schedule.”

Things didn’t end there, as Kenya’s motion moreover reportedly read, “The Father has only seen his child twice in two years. In both instances, the mother, on her own expense, took the child to see the father.”

Ultimately, Kenya supposed that Marc’s efforts are “inconsistent,” and she plane tabbed him “a ‘FaceTime’ Father.”

“In his failed struggle to have this Magistrate and the public believe otherwise, the vestige will show that Father is simply a “FaceTime” Father, who is inconsistent with plane talking to his child at best.”

Kenya Moore Shuts Lanugo Marc’s Accusations About Brooklyn & RHOA

On top of these allegations, Radar Online notes that Kenya is pushing when versus Marc Daly, suggesting she put Brooklyn in a “dangerous or inappropriate” environment.

As The Shade Room previously reported, Marc Daly was noted as stuff upset that Brooklyn was in the vicinity of an wrangling that went lanugo during the RHOA trip to Birmingham. The drama centered on Marlo Hampton repeatedly kicking and banging Kenya’s door to rile Moore up.

After seeing the incident air, Marc took Kenya to magistrate and accused her of going versus the judge’s weighing that she wouldn’t put Brooklyn in “any environment that might not be in the minor child’s weightier interest, or may in any way be considered dangerous or inappropriate.”

In response to Marc Daly’s gripe, Kenya reportedly pointed out that Brooklyn was “never seen on camera” during the drama. Furthermore, Kenya said Brooklyn “was not plane enlightened that someone was at the hotel door.”

“The door that was kicked was the living room door of a parlor suite, wherein the minor child was in the bedroom.”

The Miss USA titleholder’s motion moreover stated that she had “no reason to know that someone would kick her door.”

There are no remoter updates on the estranged couple’s drama in this matter.

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