Did Travis Kelce Propose To Taylor Swift?

In the approach the 2024 Super Bowl, where Usher was the main event for the notorious halftime show, Travis Kelce and worldwide pop stalwart sweetheart Taylor Swift were at the focal point of bits of gossip they were near getting ready for marriage.

Individuals were in any event, putting down wagers on the reality tight end Travis would propose at the Super Bowl, anticipating he'd see about getting married if his group, Kansas City Bosses, won against the San Francisco 49'ers - which they did!

Following the Bosses' second back to back Super Bowl win and their third success by and large Taylor surged down to the field to salute her man and he shared with her when he detected her, 'come here, young lady'.

Did Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift?

Did Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift?

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Travis and Taylor might have seemed to be the most infatuated couple after he and his group lifted the Super Bowl prize, yet there was no sign Travis had proposed to his sweetheart of five months in spite of the continuous tales.

On the off chance that Travis had proposed at the Super Bowl, you'd be ensured to realize about it given how much cameras and journalists at the Las Vegas Allegiant Arena.

In the approach the game, Travis was tormented with inquiries concerning proposing to Taylor.

"Is there going to be another ring other than the Super Bowl ring assuming you win this thing on Sunday?" a columnist asked him at a public interview days earlier, to which the 34-year-old answered: "I'm centered around getting this ring, and that is all that my brain's centered around the present moment."

He told columnists he was more stressed over Taylor making the game, as she needed to fly back to the US very Swift in the wake of performing on The Times Visit in Tokyo, Japan the other day.

It comes after Page Six revealed the couple have plans to get drawn in this mid year. "Taylor and Travis examined it and there is an arrangement," their insider guaranteed.

The distribution revealed they'd heard bits of hearsay the couple were anxious to stroll down the path however didn't 'need it to appear as though it's hurried craziness'.

Taylor's likewise in the center of her reality visit, The Times Visit, which will keep her occupied for the rest of the year.

During the question and answer session, Kelce likewise said something regarding the pop star's enormous night at the Grammys, kidding that he guaranteed her he'd bring back "equipment" of his own from the major event.

"She's incredible, she's modifying the set of experiences books herself," Kelce, 34, shared.

"I told her I'll need to stay faithful to part of the arrangement and bring some equipment, as well."

The NFL star likewise said he's cherished having Swifties join Bosses Realm because of the "Horrible Summer" artist's attendance at his games.

"Taylor has an incredible fan base that follows her and supports her all through her life," he made sense of, "and it's been enjoyable to assemble the Swifties and the Bosses Realm and open them to the football world and sports world and it's been cool to simply encounter that."


Does Taylor Swift love Travis Kelce?

Does Taylor Swift love Travis Kelce?

In any case, that hasn't prevented the couple from going to occasions together and on the side of one another. In any event, when Swift is booed by the "fathers, Brads, and Chads" of the world, she welcomes him on the field after games, and the pair never appear to conceal their profound respect — or PDA.

What did Travis Kelce say to Taylor Swift after the Super Bowl?

"Come here, young lady," Kelce says when he previously saw the 14-time Grammy champ on the field, rapidly enveloping her with a kiss. "Wow," she answers, embracing him firmly.

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