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With a season of fashion shows and fashion weeks comes a huge collection of trends inspired by them. There is something here for each person out there. And you can layer cut-out tops, carry one particular color, and wear stylish accessories. From street style to flaunting stylish trends on Instagram, there are some particular aesthetics that have been popular. They will definitely reign for this season and afterward also. So, let’s take a look at the unique fashion trends from autumn/winter fashion weeks 2022:

Color Matching

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Clashing colors was not a big trend in the past, but now it is back. Such clothes are bold and bright. These are very vibrant and not for the weak-hearted people. You can pick up warm shades like orange and pink. Or you can pick up cool colors like green and blue. While matching two colors is also a big trend, you can even throw a third color into it. Or why not a fourth one? This will add complexity to the attire which will prove to be good. You can pair it with a nice hat, bag, or shoes.

Black Cut-Out Tops

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It is one of the wildest trends of the season. These black cut-out tops are a nice thing to add to any wardrobe this year. Be it any season- summer or winter, this can be paired with a number of pieces to create an attire or outfit. You can try it with a suit- the perfect look for the office. You can wear it when you are just running around the city. The hack here is that you need to wear it with an abstract shirt. It is the best for the transitional season. It also makes room for layering- you can wear something with long sleeves. This is a lovable trend. Whether it is a night event or a day event- this is great.

Corset Belts

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The corset belt trend is not new but now it has made a comeback. This is a great accessory and it looks good with many things like knits, crop tops, and other tops. The corset belts can be paired with t-shirts, roll necks, and dresses. It is very captivating. So, you can avoid wearing necklaces or earrings.

Cowgirl Hats

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As cowboy boots are popular a lot, similar is the case with cowgirl hats. This is a versatile accessory. It looks great with color clashing. It can be used to accentuate an outfit on a day out. It is worn with a suit of a similar color. It easily adds a bit more complexity to the outfit. And it doesn’t look extra. It has become a total fashion trend for Gucci’s lovers. You can pair it with simple shirts and leather jackets. They can also be paired with blazers. This gives a slightly masculine edgy feel but it looks good.

Fringing details

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With a lot of texture, fringe details are a great thing to add to your attire. You can see jackets, shirts, and skirts with fringe details. Now, a popular trend is also a co-ord set. You can pair this look by color clashing. Or you can wear one color all over. You can pair a camel coat with a turtleneck and denim. You can wear a sweater that has fringe details. You can wear a fringed skirt. And all of these can be paired with nice fringed boots- Now, boots are also having fringed details. This look looks great in any season of the year. It is great for photos.

All-Over Green

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Green is the color this season. There are different hues of green like lime and emerald. And all of these have been seen in the fashion weeks and fashion shows in 2022. It has become the best and one and only color of the year. You can style your outfit with different tones of green. Or you can just be green all over. You can be green with a dress, a blazer, or a casual t-shirt and trousers.

All-Over Denim

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The all-over denim trend has come and gone but now it has made a comeback. This season you can wear denim with fringe details. Or you can wear an oversized jacket and jeans. You can add a vintage vibe to the outfit. For a ‘60s look, you can wear a mini skirt with a long coat. A good pairing would be colored stockings. You don’t need to be monochrome. You can mix different fabrics.

Pink Coats

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The pink trend has dominated the fashion arena for quite a lot of time. You can come up with the pink trend by wearing pink coats. You can style it with matching colors. Or you can contrast the colors. Or you can pair it with a classic white t-shirt, trousers, or printed trousers. You can even wear a mini skirt that’s pink. You can wear puffer coats or bomber jackets. Or you can wear blazers or fur coats.

Lace-Up Sandals

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Lace-up sandals or flats are a combo of traditional ballet flats and strappy sandals. These look great with many outfits. This gives a vintage feel to the outfit. It looks absolutely amazing with a mini skirt. Or you can wear it with leather shorts. Or you can wear darker stockings. You have to find a way that blends with your existing collection.

Leather Sets And Co-Ord Sets

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This season we see a lot of co-ord sets. Leather sets are becoming popular. These are taken from the fashion scene of bikers from the 70s and 80s. This is a fashion take on the classic blend. Racer jackets look great with different colors on them like red, olive green, black, or white. You can carry blue shade as well. It can be skirt also. These can be above the knee or the ankles. You can finish your attire with nice boots, or stilettos. You can wear flats as well.


So, these were the fashion trends from the fashion weeks 2022. It can be seen that you can wear all over green or pink coats. You can go all denim or all-leather. Green is the color of the year. Pink is also gaining popularity. You can wear co-ord sets. You can clash the colors.