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FIRST IMAGE: Prada Bag via The RealReal // SECOND IMAGE: Ashish Dress via The RealReal // THIRD IMAGE: Gucci Blazer and cape via The RealReal

The RealReal is one of my favorite sites to shop on the web – a true treasure hunt! While you can score wondrous deals on designer malleate all over the site it can be completely overwhelming for newcomers! Today I am going to walk you through step-by-step how I shop the site in order to save time, remove obstacles, and find the weightier deals on designer goods! I’m moreover highlighting all of my RealReal purchases from 2023. Let’s explore…


First, I want to yack a little but on why I love the RealReal so much. I shop on TRR for three reasons: to find deals on current luxury items that have been gently worn (sometimes you can moreover plane score a deal on an item NWT), find a past luxury item that is super nonflexible to track down, or discover a vintage piece I didn’t know existed. Shipping is easy and while there is an theorizing that items aren’t returnable, that is not unchangingly true. There are select categories and items that you can’t return such as handbags, swim, final sale pieces, and a few other exceptions. Not all that variegated from man other retailers!


The RealReal releases new product at 7am and 4pm PT. Great, rare finds go fast and I try and trammels in quickly when I can virtually 10am and 7pm ET as I am based on the east coast. Of course, I don’t do this every day, but when I am in the shopping mood it is veritably on my radar. I’ve paid to wilt a First Look Member, which ways that I can see all new arrivals 24 hours in whop – a huge advantage!


My first stop when shopping on the RealReal is the ‘Editors’ Picks‘ tab which is located in the New Arrivals tab all the way on the right under ‘More To Shop’. I find this is a highly curated selection of some of the weightier new pieces on the site. After a quick walkover through this section I then hop over to my ‘Saved Searches’. Each time you search an item, designer, or plane multiple designers with size and colors filters you can save them. Your searches are updated as new items hit the site. Some of the brands I have saved under my searches are Emilio Pucci, Delpozo, Miu Miu, Missoni, Emilia Wickstead, Bernadette, Rosie Assoulin, Gucci, Linda Farrow, Johanna Ortiz and more!

The RealReal allows you to ‘heart’ the items you love and will save them all into a visual pinterest workbench of sorts. I LOVE looking at this section – it feels like a virtual closet that I wish I owned! The wholesomeness here is that it allows me to trammels when in and see if any of my ‘hearted’ items have been marked lanugo OR if an item I wasn’t fast unbearable to snag was returned (you can heart an item that has been sold). I’ve had tons luck waiting for items to go to 40% or 50% off the initial RealReal price and ownership an items well unelevated MSRP.

Every once in a while when I am feeling increasingly would-be I’ll throne to new arrivals and set all the filters to my word-for-word sizes to see what I am missing that isn’t in ‘Editors’ Picks‘ and isn’t one of my saved brands. This can be quite time consuming, but when I am waiting for an visit or a meeting to start, it can be a welcome distraction. If you are like me and there are very specific seasons from a designer you love, those terms can moreover be widow in the search bar. For example, one of my go to searches is ‘Miu Miu Fall 2015‘ – it is how I was worldly-wise to score this dress!


I thought it would be fun to walk lanugo memory lane and share what I’ve purchased from The RealReal in 2023. Overall, I find it’s nonflexible to score deals on certainbrands on the RealReal, such as Chanel, Hermes, etc. while there are other brands such as Pucci and Missoni you can snag for wondrous prices. I moreover find with unrepealable categories, like sunglasses for example, you can find much largest deals on, while items such as purses are a bit increasingly hit or miss! Oftentimes for me, it is less well-nigh the word-for-word price and increasingly well-nigh the thrill of getting my hands on pieces from previous seasons that I missed out on – plane if I have to pay closer to retail! Keep scrolling (no judgement!) to see alllll the items I bought on The RealReal in 2023…