The Latest And Greatest Fashion Pieces Are At Your Fingertips.

(Part One)

By Rashmi Goel

The number of sales generated by online retail stores is expected to surpass those generated by brick-and-mortar establishments in the near future. Having spent countless hours on our computers doing everything, there is no doubt we have become expert online shoppers. Getting a stylish new piece delivered directly to your door is nothing like the convenience of browsing through a website. Shopping online is so damn simple. Shopping online is so easy, no matter whether you are adding items to your cart through Instagram or you are drunkenly purchasing a vintage Chanel jacket and a dolphin necklace while lying in bed at 2 in the morning. Even though Amazon and Nordstrom still dominate the market as some of the best online shopping sites, it's worth bookmarking indie boutiques, direct-to-consumer brands, and lesser-known labels that offer something unique.

Below are a few favorites. Scroll down to shop them.

The Folklore

In emerging markets, the leading commerce company empowers diverse brands. As a conglomerate of B2B, consumer, and media products, the Folklore Group enables the global ecosystem to discover, connect with, and shop diverse brands in emerging markets seamlessly. Using technology and community, they seek to connect brands, customers, and partners who are committed to sustainability and design innovation. A wholesale platform is Folklore Connect, which provides software for diverse brands in emerging markets in order to manage and scale their wholesale operations as well as providing retailers with a marketplace for discovering and shopping for these brands.

Mirror Palais

Founded in 2019 by Marcelo Gaia, Mirror Palais is a sustainable womenswear pre-order brand. As a stylist for almost a decade, Gaia decided to create his own brand - inspired by the confident women who inspire him. Featuring neon prints inspired by the 80s and softer ditsy floral prints, Gaia's swimwear reflects his Brazilian heritage. There is a strong sense of nod to vintage silhouettes in his collection, updated to meet the stylistic needs of the modern woman. In order to bring fair wages and craftsmanship to the forefront of the fashion conversation, every garment is designed and manufactured in New York. Mirror Palais supports a modicum of the garment district ecosystem when you purchase it. Mirror Palais is worn by celebrities and the everyday IT girl alike with a commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Cafe Forgot

In 2017, Vita Haas and Lucy Weisner founded Café Forgot, an experimental retail store. There is a café called Café Forgot located at 29 Ludlow St in NYC that carries the works of avant-garde young designers and hosts a wide variety of events and programming. Taking up the slack left by Opening Ceremony (RIP), Cafe Forgot continues in the same vein. There are many designers in this Lower East Side shop you have never heard of, in fact, some of them do not even have websites yet. It is for this reason that the founders, Vita Haas and Lucy Weisner, scour Instagram, design schools, and other sources for indie brands that fit "a DIY aesthetic and a quasi-punk ethos."

Maimoun NY

The word Maimoun originates in the Persian language and refers to a company or guest who has been invited to visit your home for a gathering. It is their pleasure to welcome you to the online home of their collection of carefully selected pieces from around the world. The company seeks to identify new and established artists who are committed to the traditional, slow, and thoughtful process of creation and construction. Across clothing, home, print, and beauty, these pieces are designed to complement and enhance the context around you.

Sincerely, Tommy

The Sincerely Tommy store specializes in emerging womenswear, lifestyle brands, and community. Your cool Brooklyn friends flock to Tommy. There are modern sculptures and plants you cannot name inside the IRL coffee and fashion store. There is an affordable in-house label sold in the store as well as indie brands such as Gauntlett Cheng, making it a one-stop shop for all your high-low needs. Nowadays, it is more accessible to access its website than its bed-stay storefront, but the experience is equally tranquil.


At Everlane strives to make making the right choice as simple as putting on a great T-shirt. To ensure the highest quality of our products, we partner with the best, ethical factories around the world. The finest materials are sourced. Their objective is to share these stories with you - from the very beginning of each product to its true cost. It is a new approach to doing business. It is called Radical Transparency. Trends are not a big deal at Everlane. It is important to them that you wear their pieces for many years to come, even for decades to come. Because of this, they source only the highest quality materials and factories for our timeless products - like our Grade-A cashmere sweaters, Italian shoes, and Peruvian Pima tees. The company's environmentally friendly, socially conscious clothing is worth the wait, but customers prefer to shop from its easy-to-navigate, fully stocked website.

Koi Bird

KOI BIRD is a retail destination with a difference, both online and in Marylebone in Central London. Belma Gaudio founded the company in an effort to make shopping an adventure rather than a chore. The store interior is always reinvented in order to reflect each season's theme, which may range from exercise to the Eastern Bloc. The brand is bringing the drama this season with a collection based on outfits for showing up and showing off at any given moment. Besides resort and ski clothing, we carry an ever-changing assortment of ready-to-wear brands, exclusive homeware, and niche wellness products - all with the objective of making life more enjoyable. Exotic skins and furs are not allowed in their business. This is a concept store where maximalism rules supreme - but never takes itself too seriously.

W Concept

A unique selection of products that cannot be found anywhere else makes W Concept your fashion stop for everything exclusively on-trend. Through a simple and innovative shopping experience, they bring a carefully selected collection of independent designers to your closet. As a fashion and lifestyle destination, they aim to provide you with all your fashion and lifestyle requirements while creating a communal environment in which you can discover new trends. Set aside some time to mindlessly scroll through the site's excellent collection of clothing, accessories, and footwear designed by over 1,000 independent designers.


Gimaguas was founded in 2018 by twin sisters Claudia and Sayana Durany. Creating many of their collections in collaboration with artists and artisans they admire, whether, from Rajasthan or Formentera, they focus on carefree silhouettes, bespoke prints, technical knitwear, and details inspired by the craft. Almost all Gimaguas pieces are designed in Barcelona, Claudia, and Sayana's hometown, and are made in Spain. Gimaguas are more than summery resort wear, but we would recommend checking out the brand's website prior to packing. Modern interpretations of glamourous '70s beach style are available in this shop, which is a collaboration between NGOs in Senegal, Nepal, and elsewhere.

House of Sunny

House of Sunny is a London-based band from Hackney. A strong focus on craftsmanship drives them to produce a staple of the moment with a lasting impression. They strive to create timeless designs by expressing an aesthetic that is uniquely their own. The House of Sunny collection is more than ready-to-wear, it is a crafted staple of the moment that embodies a sense of permanence. Every product is carefully crafted to become the perfect addition to an easy everyday wardrobe that can be seamlessly transitioned through the seasons. In order to achieve this, quality is always kept in mind while ensuring affordability is never compromised.


Everyday Luxury is a collection of exclusive brands with a wide range of functions and aesthetics for every individual. Aritzia prides itself on providing immersive, and highly personalized shopping experiences on and in our 100+ boutiques across North America. The first standalone Aritzia boutique opened in Brian Hill's hometown, Oakridge Centre, in 1984. The concept was simple: offer beautiful clothes in an aspirational setting with exceptional service. Even today, that idea remains the same. It is now a public company and a household name with over 100 stores across North America and a global eCommerce platform. Aritzia continues to serve communities near and far with Everyday Luxury.

T.A. New York

In New York City, Telsha Anderson-Boone has designed a concept store that caters to the women-identifying community. Offering both established and up-and-coming labels, our concept store shares the beauty of discovery with fashion enthusiasts. At T.A., the brands are sourced personally from Tbilisi, London, Paris, Berlin, Peru, Milan, South Korea, Los Angeles, and New York.


As a leading company in the accessories industry, BaubleBar was founded by Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky Fiala in 2011. Through their motto "Embellish Every Day," the brand has consistently aimed to ensure that every customer can express themselves without difficulty. Fashion jewelry shopping has been transformed by BaubleBar. In the $22 billion fashion jewelry industry, the company is quickly becoming the industry's first go-to retailer by offering on-trend styles and contextualizing them with editorial references. It is BaubleBar's ability to quickly bring products to market, recognized through its unique sourcing capabilities, that distinguishes the company from its competitors. Using real-time market information and consumer taste preferences, the company uses real-time data for merchandise and design. With a strong social media presence and a high-touch customer experience, BaubleBar is revolutionizing the way women think about fashion jewelry.

Lisa Says Gah

It has been a while since Lisa Bühler said Gah! Despite the fact that the feeling had been bubbling inside her for many years before 2014, she has not given up on it. Lisa decided to create an anti-shop kind of shop after a decade in the fashion industry - an environment where independent design and community can flourish, where diversity and discovery are woven into the fabric. Lisa's then-boyfriend, now husband, started the company from scratch in Lisa's then-boyfriend's San Francisco apartment, and it has since blossomed through the efforts of a small team with a vision for the future. Lisa Says Gah is opposed to fast fashion, is supportive of the community, and is always on the lookout for the next Gah! thing.

The Frankie Shop

Frankie Shop NYC and Paris have been hailed as the go-to places for unfussy, minimal, wallet-conscious styles over the past decade. Regardless of the rent, every woman should be able to wear the garments that they inspire designers to create. Frankie is designed to inspire women who enjoy affordable luxe-looking basics that fit into their city lifestyle, whether by taxi, subway, bike, or cobblestone. The shapes should be classic and the touches should be timeless. The perfect wardrobe for your everyday, effortless look with an occasional twist of flair. In addition to exclusive pieces from on-the-pulse designers such as Rachel Comey, Caron Callahan, LOQ, and Karen Walker, Frankie Shop Online also offers hard-to-find international selections from Australia, Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, and many more. From your Pinterest-perfect studio, you can enjoy everything you love about our brick-and-mortar store.

The Last Line

Couple Teddy and Shelley Sanders started The Last Line to provide real-life people with the jewelry pieces they always wanted and couldn't find. Shelley's design experience and Teddy's entrepreneurial background combined to create a brand that was both affordable and delivered right to your door. With thousands of tennis bracelets, ear stacks, and heart pendants later, they knew their iconic aesthetic had to come home. Dressed-up or dressed-down, The Last Line is a mix of high and low. You can't live without pieces you never knew you wanted. The fine jewelry market has been intimidating, inaccessible, (way) overpriced, and outdated for too long. Making something new broke the rules. The fine dining party is now also being crushed by them. The TLL pieces are thoughtfully designed in Los Angeles to be worn and used every day. Modern luxury consists of collecting and sharing, being classic and funky, and being pretty f*ing colorful.


With a desire to showcase what local kids were up to with music, art, and fashion, and to provide a bridge to unique items from around the world, Union first opened its doors in New York City in 1989 on Spring Street in Soho. This store was the fashion outlet of New York City’s youth and counter-culture for over 33 years. Today, Union continues to offer its customers a curated selection of upcoming designers paired with high-end brands from around the world that are off the beaten path. Union's concept is simple: we buy brands we will wear and clothing that straddles the line between fashion and function, devoid of the 'costumey' side of fashion. You are likely trading in kicks for loafers and screen tees for camp shirts as you gradually transition from traditional street style, but that does not imply that you are not still interested in both styles. Union can assist in this regard. Among the first hubs of high street fashion, the shop offers brands such as Bode and Brain Dead.


The Musier Paris collection offers a variety of items that are sure to catch the attention of fashion enthusiasts. Musier's take on affordable luxury with unmistakable flair includes everything from easy dresses to holiday-ready playsuits. Since its launch in 2018, Musier Paris is committed to delivering wearable fashion, reinventing everyday basics in a timeless yet contemporary way. There is nothing flamboyant about Musier clothing. The focus is instead on creating inspired statement pieces by playing with details. The company believes in reducing overconsumption, which is why our pared-back selection consists of quality items that can be worn repeatedly. Furthermore, the label works with local manufacturers and exclusively sources natural silk, cotton, and viscose from European weavers. Gallic elements are infused throughout our collection. Knitwear with graphic patterns, tailored trousers with intriguing hems, and cropped cardigans are hot. Musier Paris tops add color and interest to workwear ensembles, or make a striking entrance in slinky, figure-hugging midi dresses named after iconic French movie stars.