Women Tote Bags: Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Medium Measurements

You call them tote bags; we call them tote-ally awesome bags! The most trust worthy companion of all, the tote bags. Been there for almost ages now! Tote bags are simply heroes in the world of bags. Totes are reliable, undoubtedly. Along with that they are eco-friendly. That is just the win-win. Always there to save a day, totes are not less than a blessing for those heavy shopping day.

But when we mix fashion with comfort, what name comes to the mind? Marc Jacobs. Correct! Best known for the innovative designs and great attention to the details, Marc Jacobs presents us with the wide range of iconic pieces. Today’s article will help you explore all that you need to know about Marc Jacobs tote bag.

What is the ideal size for a tote bag?

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Well, there is no ideal size for the tote bag. It all basically depends on your need of the bag. They ways you might use them and the purpose of wanting a tote bag. Tote bags come in various sizes. From small tote bags which are ideally of 10-12 inches in size to the extra-large tote bags having the size of 20 inches or more. Understand your need and get the size that fits well and fulfil your needs. If you are looking to carry only the essentials then a small tote should be perfect for you. A quick run to the store or just to carry around your everyday basics. A small tote is your go to bag.

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Medium tote bags are basically the balance between the compactness and fulfilling the capacity. They are suitable for your everyday need and can lift stuff like your medium water bottle, notebook, iPad etc. but if you are looking for much space in tote then opt for large size of the tote bag marc Jacobs perfect for running errands, beach days, gym days.

Top 6 marc Jacobs tote bag size comparison

marc jacobs tote bag size chart is the timeless beauty. They are mainly known for their versatility and quality. Craftsmanship and attention to details is just marvellous. marc jacobs large tote bag dimensions are filled with variety. Made to suit your every need, the tote bag marc Jacobs have various sizes and options specially made for you!

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Let’s have a look at marc jacobs large tote bag dimensions to understand them better. The dimensions of their bags can be depending on the size of their bags. Here are the guided size comparisons of marc Jacobs tote bag.

For mini tote bag, you can expect the dimension of-

  • 1IN L X 4.3IN D X 5.9IN
  • 18CM L X 11CM D X 15CM H

Which can fit in all phone sizes along with small wallet.

For small tote bag, expect the dimension of-

  • 2IN L X 5IN D X 8.2IN H
  • 26CM L X 12.5CM D X 21CM H
  • HANDLE DROP 4.1IN (11CM)

And can fit in a small tablet and all wallet sizes.

For Marc Jacobs tote bag medium, expect the dimensions of-

  • 13IN L X 6IN D X 11IN H
  • 34CM L X 15CM D X 27CM H

Basically, a size of laptop.

For large tote bag, expect the dimensions of-

  • 17IN L X 6IN D X 13IN H
  • 42CM L X 16CM D X 34CM H

Suitable and of the size of tablet and 15’ laptop.

For XL tote bag, they provide the dimensions of-

  • 5IN L X 7.8 D X 16.7IN H
  • 55CM L X 20CM D X 42.5CH H
    Can carry over sized objects

For functional tote bag, they have the dimensions of-

13IN L X 6.5IN D X14.5 IN H

33CM L X 17CM D X 36CM H

Strap with 144CM

Can be similar to the size medium tote but slight larger.

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How many sizes does the Marc Jacob tote bag come in?

marc jacobs tote bag

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Tote bags from Marc Jacobs depend widely on their seasonal theme and collections. They are responsible for offering the typical sizes that can cater the everyday need of the customer. Some of the sizes which they have offered so far are as follow.

Mini tote bag: This is the smallest in all of the tote bags offered so far. And has the smallest size on the Marc Jacobs tote bag size chart.

Small tote bag: These are just a step up from the minis. They are set to come handy for everyday use.

Medium tote bags: These bags are versatile in nature. They are compact as well as hold the good capacity.

Large tote bags: They are the ones offering great dimension and ample of space for your everyday and other stuff.

Extra-large tote bags: specially designed for those who need more space with their stuff. Perfect for weakened getaways or shopping.

Oversized tote bags: The largest of all tote bags. They provide the maximum capacity and can be used to carry bulky items.

The market has been quick to copy the designs from the tote bag marc Jacobs and various dupes are now available in the market. However, if you are looking quality. We would recommend you to choose the original from Marc Jacobs range of tote bags.

Sonali Tomar