Kylie Cosmetics Wizard Of Oz Metallic Lipstick And Makeup Collection

When you think about a marvel makeup line, there is only one name that comes to mind, Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner. The youngest of Kardashian- Jenner clan. Her passion for makeup has brought her immense fame. Turning her passion into a business is not an easy task. But nothing is impossible for Kylie Jenner. She gained fame from the show based on the life of a whole clan- Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Since then, she has become the name of every household. Just like any teenager, her experimenting skills with makeup is something we all have seen. But those experiments got serious as she grew. And who can forget about those iconic plump lips which caused the global sensation!

Needless to say, she is a great entrepreneur. Her dedication is amazing. And it can be seen in every makeup theme or collection that she brings for her fans. Her collaborations are always unique. Her collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products is best so far! We are talking about the exceptional kylie cosmetics wizard of oz collection. The collection in itself is amazing. Featuring great products and new shade pallets. But what won the hearts is their magical lip tint. kylie cosmetics wizard of oz transformative lip tint became the hot shot of the town right after their release. Let’s find out more about this magical lippie and the oz collection.

Exploring the World of Kylie Cosmetics Wizard of Oz

Kylie Cosmetics Wizard of Oz


Kylie cosmetics recently partnered with the Warner bros. and released the kylie cosmetics wizard of oz collection. The collection has many makeup products. From basic brush to magical lip tint. Along with these, the collection has many other products. The collection is available on their website but only for limited time. Let us find what all does the kylie cosmetics wizard of oz has to offer.

Matte lip paint set- The very first product is the lip paint set. It is a great holiday combination for your lips. It has the shades of red, pink, nude. Perfect for your every mood.

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The metallic lipstick- Next up in their collection is the metallic lipstick. They named it Ruby Slippers. This lip shade is perfect for your holiday vibe! Its metallic shade and the shine are gorgeous. Also, it’s container can be used as an ornament for your home décor or Christmas tree!

Eye and face pressed powder palette- The shadow palette has 12 amazing shades to choose from. Along with a blush and highlighter. The shades are of blues, greens and golds. Perfect for your everyday look!

Transformative lip tint- The colour changing formula is just insane! Once applied onto your lips, the shade will change into pretty pink.

The brush set- They have also included a brush set. Five brushes which are perfect for your every makeup need. Along with a brush case to keep them safe and clean.

How to use kylie cosmetics wizard of oz transformative liquid lip tint?

Kylie never leaves ay chance to amaze her fans and followers. However, the concept of colour changing lip tints was long forgotten. But with the arrival of transformative lip tint, the nostalgia came back. Her brand has been moving up with every new release. The products are so amazing that everyone wants to try them. The ideas of young minds are really taking over the makeup industry. Her transformative lip tint is just another example. Using kylie cosmetics  is relatively easy.

Shake well the mini bottle and ensure that the wand is well dipped in the liquid. Like any other lip tint, apply the genuine amount on your lips and spread it evenly. Soon you will see the change in shade. A pretty pink hue will start to take over your lips. But before the application. Do not forget to prep your lips. Exfoliate them and create a smooth canvas for kylie cosmetics wizard of oz transformative lip tint.

What is the green lipstick that turns pink Kylie?

When kylie dropped the transformative lip tint bomb, the huge fan base crashed the site and the stores. The theme of wizard of oz makes every product green looking. Even the lip tint. Named as Emerald City, the green coloured lip tint is a must have. But do not worry. It will not make your lips green. Instead, it will turn into the pink shade which will be just right for your lips!

3 Secrets to Unlocking the Power of Kylie Cosmetics Wizard of Oz 2023

3 Secrets to Unlocking the Power of Kylie Cosmetics Wizard of Oz 2023


Well, it is no secret anymore. The market was taken with a swing with this collection but here are three ways for you to make best out of Kylie Cosmetics Wizard of Oz 2023.

  1. Ensure a smooth lip base for using the transformative lip tint.
  2. Use shadow palette for festive and everyday looks! Versatile, is it not?
  3. Be bold and choose the Ruby slipper to make the best out of any makeup look!

All the best with your makeup experiments! Do not forget to check our her other collections for more looks.

Sonali Tomar