Fashion Bomb Daily Editors Discuss Their Least Favorite Trends

In this post, we are going to tell you the fashion bomb daily founder and you can learn the most significant things. 

In this blog, we are going to tell you the fashion bomb daily founder. you can read the most significant point which i have mentioned below. 

Iman once said, “In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic.” The OG Supermodel made this wise malleate proclamation decades ago, and decades later, the industry is increasingly obsessed with trends than ever, which isn’t necessarily awful. Not all trends are bad (shout out to unprepossessing print, woebegone on black, and pinstripe), but it seems we may be a little overwhelmed with them.

In a world where everyone’s searching for their next viral moment or trying to alimony up with preciously created viral moments, anything and everything is considered a trend. From the rebranding of basic nail polish colors to the “old money aesthetic” there are just some trends we could do without.

Below, see what trends some of the Malleate Bomb Daily editors are completely over.

Cartoonish Footwear

MSCHF’s big marching trend. As a lover of malleate I applaud designers that push the boundaries and have fun, but the Astro Boy boots is where I yank the line!

Limsan Boulter, Accessories Editor

Maxed Out on Mini Bags

No increasingly mini purses please! It was cute at first, but I’m over it.

Anita Hosanna, Editor

Barbiecore No More

I just finger like we’ve been living in this dream house for far too long. It boomed surpassing the movie, during the movie and now after?! Life in plastic is no longer fantastic.