Semi Formal Attire Male: Top Best Semi-formal Wedding Attire for Men

Hey all party people! Got invited to a wedding and got instantly worried on what to wear? Well, weddings are a big deal. A massive life shift. The day is crucial for bride and groom, of course. But also, for the guests. It puts everyone under the great pressure of wedding gifts and attire. Dressing right for a big day is crucial. Because you do not want to steal away the limelight. But you sure do not want to look any less! Your outfit is a great deal of your personality. It says a lot about you. You want into the venue and get all eyes on you! Why? Because you look like a total star! No matter how important dressing up for glam is. Always remember not to steal the big day from the couple. Keep it lowkey but maintain your style.

Some weddings choose to have a dress code. Do not forget to respect that. It could be a beach casual wedding, semi-formal, summer spring wedding, or cocktail themed. Let's dig more into the article and get you a little more help to choose just the right attire for the wedding.

Step-by-Step Guide to Styling Male Summer Wedding Attire

semi formal wedding attire male summer


Summer weddings are all about the love, laughter and lots of sunshine! You want to keep it stylish while remaining in comfort. Here is a step-by-step guide for all the men to nail the perfect wedding outfit.

  • Step 1: Dress code

It is first and important step to always remember.  The invitation would have it all mentioned. Depending on the event, choose your semi formal summer wedding attire male.

  • Step 2: Fabric choices

Summer weddings are equivalent to heat and sweat. Depending on the location, weather and time, choose the fabric. Keep it light weight so it would not bother you during the festivities.

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  • Step 3: Colour choice:

Semi formal wedding attire male summer is advised to be lighter in colour. Just like the fabric choice, choose the light shade of colour. It will give you calm and peaceful vibe during summer wedding day.

  • Step 4: Suit choices

Since we are talking about semi formal summer wedding, ensure that the choice of suit is apt. For semi formal affair try some mixing and matching of pants or chinos.

  • Step 5: Breathable shirt:

Yep! Ensure that not only your blazer but the shirt is also breathable.

  • Step 6: Comfortable accessorize:

Semi formal wedding attire male summer is a little tricky than other wedding days or outfits. It demands thoughtful and comfortable accessories. Something that vibes with the theme but keeps you comfortable.

  • Step 7: Sunscreen and sunglasses

Since it is going to be a summer wedding. We would like to remind you to wear your sunscreen and always keep your sunglasses ready.

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8 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Male Summer Wedding Attire

A special combination of romance and warmth, summer wedding. Just like how special the whole event is, you attire should be the same. Whether you are part of groom's team or bridal party, understand your role and rock it! Here are eight tips for you to slay that semi formal summer affair.

  1. Nice shoes. A big task! Even though it is the semi formal wedding. Having nice shoes is still important. It does not have to be the classic black shiny shoes. But still, something better.
  2. Seek out a tailor when in confusion. They are the best helpers in time of fashion distress.
  3. Just because the event semi formal, that does not give you right to neglect the perfect body fit. No excuses to look sloppy!
  4. No graphics please! Semi formal is still formal. And summer wedding is still the wedding! Keep the graphic attire saved for the weekend chill mode.
  5. Play with colours. Summer wedding give you a great chance to get playful with colours.
  6. Do not overdo it with your accessories. Even though it is a semiformal wedding, keep those over sparkly cufflinks safe for another time.
  7. Once again we would like to remind you, keep the season in mind! It is the summer wedding. You do not want to become a roasted potato in your layered suit boot!
  8. Choosing the metals. If your attire consists of metals. Such as watch, cufflinks, studs or anything. Make sure that they all match good and compliment your attire.

What should a male guest wear to a summer wedding?

semi formal wedding attire male summer


Well, here is the help you might be needing-

  • First thing first, choose whatever the dress code says.
  • Any cocktail attire would do!
  • Compliment your attire with a bow tie.
  • A perfect navy suit is best choice.
  • If going for light, warm peach or beige are your choices.
  • Ditch the blazer sir.
  • How about pleated pants?
  • Fun chinos

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Is it OK for men to wear shorts to a summer wedding?

Well, the question largely depends on the dress code. If the dress code is semi formal or formal, then certainly not. But if it is casual summer beach wedding, then absolutely yes! Whatever you choose to wear, always respect the culture you are attending. Be stylish and classy but do not violate the dress code.

Sonali Tomar