Top Best Great Gatsby Fashion Men: A Guide to the Most Iconic Men

Around more than a 100 ago , the fashion for men in "The Great Gatsby" was very different and one of a kind from what the fashion is today. People of that time liked to wear clothes that were more fun and a show off. 

Men left the fashion of that time, like formal clothing , and went for something more relaxed and daring. They used to wear suits that were made up from shiny matter like silk. These suits really had a wide range of collars and pants that were high waist. There were also times that they wore some colourful vests. The people then  finished their whole look with something full of style like big hats,  shoes, and ties and ties made up of silk. The outfit at that time was really complimenting the jazz music. That era was so respectful and dashing in terms of every aspect. The great gatsby outfits ruled the men’s fashion in that era. Since Jay Gatsby was the main character, people used to follow him like an idol. He was a man with style and he literally charmed his way out by wearing such an attractive outfit. 

How to dress like 1920s male?

great gatsby fashion men


In this article you will easily be able to dress like a 1920s male. So starting from dressing like a 1920s male can be too much fun and full of style. In other ways, we are kind of paying a tribute to our ancestors. Wearing a vintage outfit from one of the best eras of all time is the most amazing idea.
● Suit: In order to look like someone who is from the 1920s you have to change your look by wearing a proper suit, as that era was all about the suits. The suit basically contains a silk shirt , vest coat made up of comfy material , pants or trousers, in the end the cherry on the cake of the outfit, the silk tie.

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● Shirt and Vest: you have to make sure that you match your shirt with your suit. For example if you are wearing a dark coloured suit you should wear a silk shirt which is either light coloured but not dark coloured shirts. The shirts from Great gatsby fashion men will help you to complement the look.
● Ties and Bow Ties: wearing ties and bow ties was the premium way to show class in great gatsby fashion men pants
. You can either wear a bow tie or a proper necktie but mostly silk bow ties were in fashion. The colour of the bow tie should compliment the colour of the suit you chose.
● Accessories: Accessories will help you to upgrade the outfit by great gatsby fashion men. You should always remember to wear it. A hat known as fedora at that time will bring the class to the outfit. The suit pocket can be used to put a full bloomed rose and many other things.

● Hair and Grooming: After wearing the suit now it’s time for your hairstyle. To look more like 1920s men you should get a haircut from that time only. The slick back look was very common with a longer top and shorter sides. When you have full grown facial hair, try to make it look like a moustache.

After getting ready , that era was also about smoking up cigars. So when you complete the look you should keep a cigar holder with you. This will compliment the look as well as you will get your way of being dressed like a 1920s man.

Top 10 Great Gatsby Mens Outfits And Ideas For 1920s Style

great gatsby fashion men


Wearing clothes from 1920 is the best to wear at a great gatsby party. I would like to draw the reader's kind attention towards the era of 1920. By wearing suits , you will look like a man who has class, treats other women very decently and he will look intellectual like he is the real deal. Following are the top 10 great gatsby outfits men and ideas for 1920s style:

● The great gatsby classic suit The suit fits well when you wear it on. The look really shouts his way to look dashing, smart and presentable. Choose for solid coloured suits for example the shades of blue, black and grey.

● Two-Piece or Three-Piece: you should try a three-piece suit with a dashing vest coat which compliments the whole great gatsby outfit. Choose matching colours or designs which actually suit the style of the outfit.

● Dress Shirt: Choose a white or light-coloured dress shirt with a collar which gets detached or a normal pointed collar.

● Neckwear Options: By trying the look with the neckwear You can wear a necktie in a bold colour or a design that stands out, or go for a really attractive bow tie.

● Hats for an Extra Edge: A newsboy cap or a hat known as fedora adds a special and better 1920s touch to your outfit. Choose your hat so that people will love your outfit and you will be the star of the evening.

● Use braces to look better : Braces are also known as suspenders. They keep your trousers in place and also make you look elegant in your 1920s style.

● Footwear: you can try to Look for two-tone wingtip shoes to finish your look. These classics will enhance your style because they were really popular during the era.

● Choose a proper set of Accessories: Don't forget to add some old-inspired accessories, such as a pocket watch with a chain, cufflinks, and a tie bar or tie pin.

● Hairstyle and Grooming:Style your hair in a slicked-back or side-parted manner using pomade or gel. Consider a well-groomed moustache or beard to complete the vintage look.

● Bold Patterns and Colors:Don't be shy to put bold patterns like plaid or houndstooth into your suit or accessories. The 1920s were all about soothing the eye and will help you to look far better with the designs.

By: Chetali Pandey