The Complete Guide to African American 80s Fashion Outfits And Style

Today’s we are going to be focused on African American 80s fashion. Who does not want to look fashionable? But in the fast-paced and ever-changing fashion world. But to keep up with all those quickly changing fashion trends is way difficult than we thought of! Fashion is not just about wearing good clothes, expensive jewellery and carrying luxury bags. It is an art. An art that lets a person express their true self. Fashion is a form of self-expression. Boosting person’s confidence and making them feel comfortable in their clothes and the way they carry.

Well dear fashion enthusiasts, if you are a true fashion lover then you must be knowing how each culture has its own fashion trends. Their own cultural trends. From nations across the globe, various fashions have been seen. And how can we all forget about the classic fashion setters of 80s!

Best fashion trends have been from 80s! Prove us wrong if you can! The grace of women from 80s is just unmatchable. The vibe so powerful that is fails every other fashion trends. Setting our expectations high, let us dig further into the article and find out more about the 80's African American fashion.

How did African Americans dress in the 80's?

How to Wear American 80s Fashion for Any Occasion


African American 80s fashion was heavily influenced by various cultures. And also, by various social factors. But mainly, the fashion was inspired by the music, sports and the civil movements.

The bold and gold: Gold has been an integral part of African American fashion. Pairing chunky gold chains, what we call ‘the bling’ is often paired up with the bold shades and patterns.

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Athleisure: Many sports icon and other athletes from NBA and NFL and others had popularized the sportswear. High top sneakers with jersey became a new trend.

Rap and music: Let us not forget about that hip pop culture which vastly impacted the 80's African American fashion. Run-D.M.C., LL Cool J and other pop stars popularized the over sized t-shirts trend which is still in the air.

10 Tips for Looking Fabulous in American 80s Fashion

To your surprise, following the African American 80s fashion is not that hard. Here are some easy 10 styling tips for you to rock that 80’s African American fashion.

  1. Opt for high waist fashion in literally everything! Skirts, jeans, pants!
  2. Graphic tees are a good way to rock the 80s fashion. Specially if they feature some rock band.
  3. Embrace the bold and bright shades. Including neon. Pink neon, bright electric blue and fluorescent green were the top choices during that time.
  4. Choose the statement accessories. Chinky and bling chains, oversized earrings and of course, the statement belts!
  5. 80’s African American fashion was the time of recognizable fashion. Such as shoulder pads! Add them to any of your blazer, jacket or even the dresses.
  6. Let’s bring the 80s famous scrunch socks! They ae not merely for the workout sessions but can really add a funky look to your fashion.
  7. The hairstyles from the 80s were iconic! Complete your 80s fashionable look with the 80s hairstyle. Get those voluminous curls do their magic!
  8. Since the African American 80s fashion is all about bold choices to make in fashion, try mixing the patterns and print together!
  9. Layer up your clothes and show the 80s fashion.
  10. Canadian tuxedo which is actually just denim on denim is the great look from 80s which is now coming back to the trend.

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The Impact of African American 80s Fashion on Pop Culture

African American 80s fashion and pop culture from that time. Both of them have impacted one another. The music and then present cultures affected the fashion at high rate. And so did the African American 80s fashion. It impacted the pop culture in various sense. The fashion was then known as the ‘Hip-Hop’ style. Which now we understand as loose clothing. Loose shirts or t shirts on loose fitted trousers along with sneakers. And to complete the look, add a hat and some bling! The over sized fashion is present since the 80s till today. The jewellery and fashion accessories were important. The pop culture and the fashion. Both were vice versa in matter of leaving a impacting on each other.

What influenced fashion in the 1980s?

We better be asking that what did not influence the fashion?! Because there is nothing which failed to leave any impression on to fashion world. from music to pop culture. From technology to civil movements. Everything and anything soon became a part of 80s fashion world. it became a diverse and dynamic cultural refelction for all the African American 80s fashion. Decade of experiments and boldness came together and formed what we know now as 80's African American fashion

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